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Mobile exchange & returns service is poor!

First Timer


Hi I am currently a new TT broadband plus TV subscriber after spending 14 years with Sky. I recently signed up to TT mobile and received my mobile order yesterday. I ordered a LG Optimus x4 HD mobile and was all egar to get started with my new quad core mobile. But after a day of bad UI  experience and the extreme battery drain I did not like the mobile what I had received. On paper it should of been great, but in reality it was a bad experience for me.


I contacted TT mobile today by telephone to ask if I could exchange the mobile for a Samsung Galaxy S3 which is currently the same kinda spec as this LG mobile and is the same £15 per month fee. Only to be told that I could not exchange it for a Samsung Galaxy S3 because this phone was not available to me over the phone and is a web offer only and I would have to send the LG back within 5 days then wait another 7 days for my contract to cancel and then I would have to sign up to another contract and choose the Samsung Galaxy S3 via the TT website!


I have to send my LG back to TT mobile by special delivery which will also cost me about £7! I thought it would all be a whole lot simpler TT! Choose a replacement mobile have it delivered and exchage devices with the Yodel delivery driver. But NO! More complicated and at my expense.... I am not happy with my TT mobile and I wasn't prepared to be stuck on a 24 mth contract with a mobile I cannot get my head around, because I dislike its badly designed UI interface. I have no quibbles so far with my TT broadband plus TV service its great, but the TT mobile customer service is poor and very unwelcoming! I am sure they could have exchanged it if they really cared for their customers! Its just bad customer service in my opinion.



Wizz Kid

you have the right to change your phone within 7 working days of your mobile contract going active... so they should offer to change it for you... you need to call them back and demand to speak to a manager... also they should have had "YODEL" pick up your returned phone for FREE.. they should not have made you pay to return it to them...


you should demand that they refund you the charges you aquiered on returning the phone....


i had a similar problem.. when i got a blackberry 9900 and it did not work, i had to return in and i asked for a different phone, and they changed it.. but i had to wait neatly 2 weeks.. as there was a wait while they recieved the old phone back (yodel took 3 days to return the 1st one, whne i was supposed to be next day).. but TT mobile delivery is normally fast. i got 1st phone the next day,,,,



Community Star

I think these may be relevant and confirm what the OP has said What happens if I want to return my handset? and  Terms and Conditions section 3 

3.3.3 If you wish to cancel during the cooling off period, you
will need to notify us of this by calling 0870 087 8751
or 2883 from a TalkTalk Mobile and selecting the IVR
option for returns. If you are eligible to return the Mobile
Equipment and cancel the contract, you will be given
instruction on how to return the Mobile Equipment. It is
your responsibility to ensure that the Mobile Equipment
is received by us, so we recommend using Royal Mail
Special Delivery. that will be at your expense. Any
cancellation notice must be given before the end of the
7 working day period referred to above or any use by you
of the Mobile Equipment


But as you say make enough fuss and you may get lucky, but the T&Cs clearly state their policy.




First Timer
I phoned back again this morning and the telephone operator was very helpful, and offered an exchange and will arrange a collection of the returned handset. They will dispatch the new handset once they receive the one I am sending back. I guess I got a inexperienced operator yesterday. It pays to call back and speak to someone different :)
TalkTalk Content Team

Hi JR77,


I'm glad to hear you got your issue resolved.  I'm sorry if you found the process poor at any point.