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NOT Fairer broadband for existing customers

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I’m so frustrated with Talktalk and the way that it treats existing lloyal customers, We’ve had a Talktalk contract here for 15 years I have 2 business lines at 2 separate properties which have been in place for 8 years, but we get the BUTT end of any deals or offers, even though our spending with Talktalk is well in excess of 10k.


i noticed that Vodafone are offering fibre for £22 40/20 and £26 for the 80/20 onan 18mth contract and new router, my router crashed and burned earlier in the year so I thought I’ll see if Talktalk would offer any deals. I had already seen that they were offering new customers a new router and faster BB for £30 so expected better than this.


Spoke to Northando in customer retentions on chat and told him I want a better deal than the £38.50 I was currently paying, explained I’d seen the Vodafone deal and wanted to get close to that.


i was offered 24 month contract at £31.50

i explained that I could see TT were offering new customers better than that with a new router.


i was then offered it for £30 on a 24mth, i again said that’s still not fair for long standing loyal customers, the same deal as new customers and not even get a replacement router. 


He offerd to do it under a 18mth instead, still not great.


At this point I said that I would like the migration code so I could move provider (didn’t realise that this is no longer needed) 

and the following ensued in chat


What is it that you are not happy about?

Pat : As you are unable to help or provide your very long term customers with “fairer broadband for everyone ” I would like for you to provide me with my migration code

I understand.

Pat : Price, I should be offered you best deal first, I should not have to have one offer, then a slightly better offer,

How about £24.50?
wow I thought at this point, just what I wanted, a bit cheaper than Vodafone, still no new router, but I bought a new one that seems to work OK so not really the end of the world, I said 

Pat Gibson: Right £24.50

Pat Gibson: And a new router

Pat Gibson: 18month


Only the next message was a kick in the nads


Please be advised that the £24.50 is for the Faster Fibre only, you have the option to add the Fibre Speed Boost for £5.00 and it will total to £29.50 for 18 months.


I am sorry but I can not add the Router for free as it is systematically generated. You can buy the Router for £30.00 while the standard price is £120.00.
So no good deal, no loyalty rewards,  
I have just done a search and i have since seen that Talktalk are also offering faster fibre with free boost, and router for £27.50.
i spent half an hour on the chat, (please check the conversion on your logs) saying that I wanted the best deal available, and he would have seen that there are better deals being offered by Talktalk.
Why is it such a struggle to get a fair deal.



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Hi Pat-Ramsgate


Please, I implore you, don't hold your breath... or when you call the TalkTalk Loyalty Team to ask for the Black Friday comes early deal, that is on offer from today, at £25 for the Faster Fibre Speed Boost... they'll not hear you!


Let me know how you get on.  The Loyalty Team should have been fully briefed on this deal for you and the £30 Wi-Fi Hub upgrade deal if you wish to go for that. 


If you have the HG633 / HG635 or DSL-3782 they're all good to go for the Speed Boost (The Openreach 80/20 product). The HG633 has the new v2.0t firmware and the HG635 and DSL-3782 are both going to get firmware upgrades in the near future.


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I only found the £27.50 offer but didn’t look very hard, it’s just so frustrating that the staff on the other end of the customer retentions team either don’t have all the offers and deals in front of them or won’t offer them to keep customers happy and also avoid any request to get them to pass the issue on to a manager.

Woo be great If TT does decide to offer me a faster fibre to include the Boost for the £25 pm.

But I won’t hold my breath.

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 Hi @Pat-Ramsgate


The Black Friday comes early deals are now on. You can get Faster Fibre Speed Boost for just £25/m fixed price for 18 months.


If you already have a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Router for fibre you can upgrade to the new Wi-Fi Hub for the £30 upgrade fee. 


Black Friday comes early 2Nov2018.png