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New Pay as You go Sim

Enlightened One
Don't laugh but someone in the house stuck a new sim in the Mobile phone and has mistakenly set the language to what I can see as Arabic Smiley Surprised How can I set the Sim & Phone back to English when I can't understand the Menu Smiley SurprisedSmiley SurprisedSmiley Mad
Edit its a Sony Ericsson J20i
Community Star
try putting a differnt sim card in to it and see if it comes up with the language setup again

other then that you should be able to find the setting menus by the icon it uses then go through al the option untill you find the language one
Enlightened One
thankyou I put old sim back in and it said do what to use sim settings and it go's back to English, put new one in again and this time I declined sim settings and set it up again in English Smiley Very Happy