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No broadband connection for Youview

I have been without broadband to my You View box since 6th March. Telephone support checked the line and said there was no problem .We swapped the router for an old one which we still had and found the broadband was working.We requested a new router on 6th March and the router has still not arrived. We also subscribe to Sky Movies and have such have not been able to watch this, although we have paid for this. Can someone help regarding the router and also the issue of a refund for the Sky Movies.Smiley Sad
Community Star
In the Youview box menus in 'System Management' go to 'network settings', and change it from 'automatic' to 'manual'

wait for it to refresh for a second or 2 and then change it back to 'automatic'

This will make the box look for the router/connection again and should get it back online
The router appears to be the problem as I can not connect to the internet using a desktop,laptop or mobile device.
TalkTalk Team
Hi kmoore23,

Your router appears to be connecting to the internet but your router isn't in sync at the moment - could you confirm that your router is currently switched on

Could you also please answer the sticky questions to give us a bit more information about your setup