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Not receiving incoming calls

First Timer
Hi All,

Since last Thursday (16th) I have not been able to receive incoming calls on my phone. Every time anyone phones my number a recorded message saying "The number you have dialled is not currently receiving incoming calls". After several phones to technical support and customer services I am still no closer to getting a resolution. One customer service agent told me there was a bar on the account but didn't know why. Another said there were no issues but the engineers would look at it (6 days ago - still nothing)
They said they would divert calls to my mobile, aparently this is set, but it doesn't work. Which must mean that the issue lies further upstream than this platform.

Can someone take a look at this before I really throw my rattle out of the pram?

Thanks in advance.
Hi andyg001 and welcome to the forumsSmiley Happy

The forum staff (OCE) will be able to investigate this for you, however they are only online during weekday working hours and will therefore not pick up this thread until Monday at the earliest.

If you are prepared to wait for a response the OCE will require you to confirm that you have tested with a conventional corded telephone in your test socket (if available) and that the problem still persists. There is guidance on this tsting here:

If you are unsure whether you have a test socket could you please refer to this link to confirm: Do I have a test socket and how do I use it? If you do not have a test socket the test should be completed in the master socket.

Kind regards

First Timer
Thanks for the response. All line tests have been completed, corded phone and master socket, there's no braodband on the line.

I'll suffer in silence until Monday Smiley Indifferent
Hi againSmiley Happy

As you say you also do not have a broadband service either, could you please enter your details in the TT exchange checker and see if any incidents are recorded here:

If there are no incidents reported, then I am afraid the OCE will have to pick this up for you next week.
TalkTalk Team
Hi andyg001,

Welcome to the forums, apologies for the delay.

Thank you for confirming that you have tested a corded handset at the master socket.

Just to confirm, do you have a test socket?

If you do have a test socket please can you test a corded handset directly at this socket and confirm if the fault is still present.