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Picture pixelating on freeview

Popular Poster

Hi Folks, I have a dtr500 and have a problem with the freeview channels played through the box compared to through the tv's freeview service, I fitted a small box to reduce the strenght as I read that could help but to no avail, The signal strength is variable 50-60% and quality is 100% with youview and strenght and quality 70% ish on the tv's menu for the tv's built in digi service (still routed through the dtr) the picture does pixelate through the tv's digi but far less so!

Anyone got a solution?



Wise Owl



Ok, Bob.


I'm a bit confused so lets take it step by step.


The DTR500 is a philips freeview box, Yes or No ?


you have added attenuation on the TV aerial sig going into the DTr500, yes or no


you have not added attenuation on the TV aerial line when connected direct to TV, yes or no?


Where does your Youview box enter the equation ? how is it connected ?


Basically how have you got everything wired up ?


Popular Poster
Hi, Sorry for the confusion! It's a Humax youview box connected to a sharp aquos tv with hdmi lead, the attantuator is in the wall as I read that this sometimes solves the problem, but to no avail, sometimes it's worse than others and random channels, hope this explains a bit more, thanks bob
Wise Owl



Ok, remove the attenuator, Its not helping the current situation.


disconnect dtr500 totally from circuit (until we figure out root cause)


connect aerial direct into humax box, connect via hdmi to TV. (so all we want is Humax, TV and aerial connection just now)


and lets see how freeview behaves, please let me know.


PS: I will be offline as of 20:30hrs until tomorrow evening.


Ok the dtr 500 is the humax box ?

Popular Poster
Yes it is the Humax and tv only
Popular Poster

Hi Again, removed the attenuator and it does seem to be a little worse for pixelating, It doesn't do it all the time but more regular, signal strength 70-73% 100% quality (itv 1&2)  on BBC 1 strength 54-67% quality 100% Ch5 seems to be worse for pixelating but signal as itv channels, hope this helps


Wise Owl


How old is your aerial cable (and aerial) or when was it (or they) last renewed ?


Has the right aerail tpye of aerial been fitted ?


Is you aerial pointing in exactly the right direction, has it moved ? (are you pointing at right transmitter ?)


Do you have line of sight to transmitter ?


Does the screened cable connector look clean ?


Is the connector connected properly, any frayed wires hanging out ?

Popular Poster
Hi, the aerials fitted in the loft for freeview about 5 years ago with a booster, the cables good quality and pretty new trying to solve this issue! The only thing I can try now is to change the socket in the wall as its quite old and does have a little play, I'm home again in about 3 weeks so I'll get 1 fitted then, thanks for now, bob

Hi Cowboybob,


Thanks for updating us, please let us know how you get on.