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Powerline Adapter Problem

Insightful One

hi guys


anyone know whats the problem with these powerline adapters ???



one of the pair i had from talktalk that cost me £35

is now flashing a red power light


and ive tried reseting it and pairing them and nothing it still flashes the red power light


the other one shows 2 green lights on the power and the link to the router light the middle one is off


i have tried them in the same socket and no go the one still flashes a red powerlight


any ideas whats going on ???


only had them a few days ago


are they faulty ????



thanks for any help



Insightful One

any chance i can get a reply guys please ??


i know its been the holiday period but i thought i would have had a reply today



Community Team

Hi jasonr2013,


sorry for the delay in replying, but as you can imagine there's a bit of a backlog following the break.


It certainly sounds like a faulty unit, to get this replaced I need to arrange a call for you from a TV Fault Manager to help get this sorted.


The call would be 0900-1800 Monday to Friday, when would suit you best?


Could you add an alternate number to your profile to give us the best chance of making contact?



Conversation Starter

TalkTalk are very good at changing faulty items, my freind had a faulty youview box, after a quick phone call they sent a replacment box the next day, and provided return lables for the faulty item to send back, job done...

Insightful One

hi oce_ady


anytime between 1pm and 5pm monday will be great



Insightful One

hi daz you are right


my youview box never arrived and was told it had


they sorted that issue and i had a brand new one a few days later


so i have all the confidence in talktalk :)

Insightful One

well guys for the first time i am dissapointed in talktalk now


i confirmed id be in to accept a phone call today


and nobody phoned me at all


its a simple question send me new ones as obviously they are faulty i have put them both back in there box ready to send back


and now i have a cable running accross my floor just to use the youview box as its my main source for tv now


i want it sorted now!!!


not a phone call in 6 months time]


as i wont pay for them untill its sorted otherwise (even if it means my service gets restricted)

Insightful One

and i am still waiting (i am really dissapointed in this now as my other posts get a reply sooner)

Community Team



sorry for the messing round you have had with this. 


I have ordered a set myself, with a returns bag, and these should be with you shortly.


As they did not complete the requested callback, can I ask you to complete our callback survey.




Insightful One

thanks OCE_Karl


as soon as i get the returns bag ill be sure to send the old ones straight back to you


i have to say i cant fault the forum OCE staff for all the help


but as for the telephone help well they aint been the best so far


so as soon as they come i will return the others as they are boxed up ready to go







p.s will also take the survey now



Community Team

Hi Jason,


No problem :smileyhappy:


Insightful One

hi OCE_Karl


recieved my power line adapters this morning


working better than the last pair


the only difference is these 2 have a pass through plug and 2 ethernet ports ???


ive taken the old ones and send them back to talktalk


will i get charged more now cause i have a different pair than i had before ???

Community Team



no, there is no extra charges etc.


Test these for a few days and see how they compare. Let me know if any problems.




Wizz Kid

ssshhhhhhhhh........did anyone hear that ^    ?

Community Team

all quiet here :smileyhappy:

Insightful One

Thanks OCE_Karl


so far so good


I do notice thou that the one plus keeps getting a red light in the middle of the 3


the other set didn't do that


but then it does green so maybe its just some interference


as its not causing issues for me


thanks again I appreciate all the help

Community Team



No problem. If I remember, I think the light goes red if the throughput speed drops below 50mb/s, the booklet with them should confirm this.


Insightful One

thanks OCE_Karl



First Timer

Also have a Powerline issue . All lights lit and solid but Powerline LED is RED. TV picture ok but unable to change channels with either box or remote . Remote can only switch on and off box and tv. Was ok last night not today.

TalkTalk Content Team

Hi arrowhire8,


Please start your own thread if you need help from the community.