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Problems with Briadband since recent phone outage

Whizz Kid
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I recently reported a phone outage to TalkTalk. The text came back saying that there was no fault on teh line and it was working when I got home later that evening. The problem is that since then, I've had a really bad problem with stability. I'm constantly getting 'waiting for' or 'host not found' messages which are then found if I refresh the page (sometimes it takes two or three attempts).
Can someone please do a check on the line and see if something went awry?
The questionaire follows:
1. What exchange are you connected to? BASFORD
2. Is your exchange experiencing any outages? NO
3. How many telephone extension sockets do you have? NONE
4. Do you have an NTE5 master socket and if so have you tried connecting your modem directly to the test socket? I DON'T HAVE A MASTER SOCKET
5. If not is your modem connected to your Master Socket? N/A
6. Are you experiencing any problems with your phone service? Not at the moment though, as stated above, this all started after a phone outage.
7. What modem are you using? (Make & Model) Netgear DG834PN (Using latest Firmware)
8. Have you tested with an alternative modem? (Make & Model) NO
9. Have you tested with a different microfilter? YES
10. Are you using a telephone extension lead? NO
11. What is your modem SNR Margin down and up (From modem status page)**
DownStream Connection Speed 1495 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 666 kbps
(This is not unusual. Apparently this is teh best BB I can get)
12. What is your bandwidth (Connection or sync speed) down and up (from modem status page) ** ??
13. Are you experiencing the disconnections at any specific time ? No
14. Which Operating System are you using on your PC / Mac? Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista (32 bit)
The status page:
Router Status

Account Name
Firmware Version V1.03.39

MAC Address << OMMITTED >>
IP Address << OMMITTED >>
Network Type PPPoA
IP Subnet Mask
Gateway IP Address
Domain Name Server

LAN Port
MAC Address << OMMITTED >>
IP Address << OMMITTED >>
IP Subnet Mask

ADSL Firmware Version A2pB023b.d20e
Modem Status Connected
DownStream Connection Speed 1495 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 666 kbps
VCI 38

Wireless Port
Region Europe
Channel 6
Wireless AP Enabled
Broadcast Name Enabled
EDIT: Lost phone and broadband again this evening between 7pm and about 10ish.

Support Team
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Hi umbralwarrior,
For an 'up to 8MB' service, I can't even get to 2, even at off peak times.
The service, is, as you say, upto 8meg, the speed you ultimatly get depends to a large extent on the length of your line/attenuation - the limiting factor is the sync speed which isn't affected by congestion - your line is syncing at 1.4 meg, the maximum throughput is usually around 80% of this - the throughput can vary between peak and off-peak times but is always going to be somewhat lower than the sync speed
The good news is that your connection looks rock solid on the fastest profile available but we could try changing to a fastpath profile from you current interleaved profile, this usually improves pings but it will give you a lower sync speed (and it can be unstable)

Whizz Kid
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Hi Debbie,

I don't have a master socket in my house and I've been informed before that to get BT to install one would be a chargeable call out (of somewhere in teh region of £120). Apparently, I'm also quite a distance from my exchange so my question was, at least in one part rhetorical. For an 'up to 8MB' service, I can't even get to 2, even at off peak times.

It's getting to the point where, even though the broadband is part of my package (i.e., 'free'), I'm starting to look at cable or other providers to see if I can get a faster service as my current speeds just aren't fast enough to meet my needs (I'm a prolific online gamer).

Not sure there is anything you can do but saying my piece anyway. 🙂


Support Team
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Hi umbralwarrior,

Apologies for the delay.

The line is now showing in sync for just over 17 days and 23 hours.

You are currently on a 6db interleaved profile which is the fastest profile. Just to confirm, have you tested the modem directly at the master socket with a different microfilter to see how the connection compares?



Whizz Kid
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Hi Nathan,
Sorry for the delay in replying. Stability is much better since they fixed the exchange. Now if only I could up my speed from 1400Kbps to something reasonable....!!! 😛

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Hi umbralwarrior,

I can see you have been in sync and connected for 2 days and 17 hours. How have you found the connection since your last post? Is it only some website you are experiencing an issue with, have you noticed if any of the modem lights go out when you experience the problem?

Downstream Rate 1302 kb/s
Upstream Rate 782 kb/s
Downstream SNR 7.8 dB
Attenuation 61.5 dB



Whizz Kid
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Nearly 24 hours with no response...
OK, just checked the network status page and there is a problem at my exchange. I'll go away now until that's resolved and see how I get on.....