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Carter Marine
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Well said .... perhaps if Talk Talk listened to it's customers more instead of listening to it self then its reputation for customer service would improve.


At the begining of August, I asked for one of main business lines to be downgraded from 3 lines to 1 .... a simply enough request. So on 6th Sept, Talk Talk simply cut off all 3 lines instead. This being our main advertised number. Frantic calls to customer services... and could I get any sense ... instead it was barrage of goobledegook .... Speaking to a supervisor took some efforts as well .... eventually 4 days later to be told that the service would not be properly reconnected until 19th Sept. Talk Talk fully acknowledge their fault and yet are not prepared to get it rectified urgently.


No matter how many times you say this is not acceptable and is unreasonable, does anyone do anything about it ? No need to guess that. To add insult to injury the call diversion on that line no longer works and will not until 19th at least, this despite call diversion also being vital to our out of office hours emergency service.


I know i think, I'll get it escalated to the complaints dept .... does that make any difference .... ach erm no need to guess that. So you ask it to be escalated again, but this time the complaints handler refuses .... as if it's some kind of negotiation position. Despite quoting to him Talk Talks own words on the subject of complaints, he still refuses to have the matter escalated.


How are you supposed to run a business like that .... so Talk Talk ..... if you are Talk Talking ..... STOP and start listening listening !


It makes sense ..... 

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