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Refusing to give me my PAC Code

First Timer

Hi All,


This has been going on for about 3 weeks now. I've moved away from Talk Talk Mobile because on several occasions now they have messed up my bill. I've tried for 3 weeks now to obtain  my PAC codes for my 2 mobiles but they are refusing to give them to me because there is an outstanding balance on the account and its now been suspended. I have tried to explain to the very helpful( not) customer service team that they can not refuse me. I have told them about Ofcom regulations and emailed them the link to Ofcom website to show them that they are in the wrong and they can be fined for it but still they refuse to give me my pac codes and just keeping telling me to make a complaint and then put the phone down. Ofcom have told me they need allow them 5 more weeks before they will investigate.


All I want if for Talk talk to give me my pac codes.


Here is the link Ofcom told me to send to Talk Talk


But still they ignore me and keep telling me I'm not allowed my pac code until I pay my bill.


I'm so unhappy with Talk Talk and I am not in the process of moving my phone, broadband and TV service away from them too.


I have done some research on talk talk and this is not the first time they have been in the wrong as back in 2011 they got fined 3million quid for incorrectly billing its customers!!!


If anyone can help me I would be very grateful.


Many thanks



Hi CMAbishop


Disconnection requests do require an account balance to be clear.


In terms of obtaining a PAC if you are having difficulty with this I would recommend following the Complaints Process using the "What Happens If Im Not Satisfied" section.





Community Team

Hi Cmabishop,


are you happy to close the thread?

Community Team

Hi Cmabishop,


I've closed the thread, but if you still need help just post.

First Timer

I have tried to get my PAC from TalkTalk Mobile calling 4 times. I have already spent many hours in this process. I don't have any outstanding balance or payment problems. I just want the PAC...

Each times they pretended to have 'Technical problems' which prevent them to give me the PAC (I am not even talking about unlocking the phone...). First time they told me they would call me to give it to me but I haven't heard more from them. The last time they just hung up on me...

TalkTalk is probably one of the worst providers in term of Customer Services.


Hi eyraudj


Would you like us to request a call from a Mobile Retentions agent to discuss this wiht you in more depth? If so please ensure your community profile is upto date with your home telephone number and your alternative contact number.