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Remote working via RAS Token (VPN)

First Timer
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I am a new Customer to TalkTalk having swapped from SKY. 


I am a health care worker and need to be able to remotely access the secure NHS network via remote access most days. This worked fine with Sky.


Since installing the DSL-3782 I am simply unable to access this via wi-fi or ethernet cable. I know the network is working as I have had to hotspot from my mobile.


I am now searching and reading that the DSL-3782 simply cannot use VPNs. What on earth is TalkTalk doing using equipment for an essential task that thousands of customers need??


I am now eating through my mobile data allowance just to continue working.


Please can the moederators arrange for a router ( I belevie the HG633) that works to be sent to me ASAP> 


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All up and working as it should do. No problems with my remote access now. 


Many thanks again.


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Your Welcome 🙂


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Many thanks. 


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Hi ExoticBehemoth,


I've ordered you a replacement router, it should be with your in a couple of days but please allow up to 5 working days for delivery




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..Understood. Save the mobile data for friends and family and the TalkTalk support crew will fix the router issue one way or another, probably with an exchange HG633 router as this will work for your needs.  Just be prepared to hang on 'till they respond here. An exchange router will be on next day delivery after the OCE organises one for you.


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Thanks for the quick reply.
We use Cisco-AnyConnect, couldn't say a lot more about the technical details. It appears to connect but drops out pretty much immediately and doesn't allow access to emails or more importantly they system for recording clinical notes.

Fortunately I am on leave for a week or this would be a disaster as I am a few MB from running out of mobile data.

Community Star
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Hi @ExoticBehemoth


I've drawn this topic to the attention of the TalkTalk Community support team. An OCE will respond to you right here to help you.  The Easter holiday means that TalkTalk support to Community members doesn't resume until Tuesday.  


I think you may have already done this bit but ensure your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes your landline phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and save changes. The OCE will then be able to link this topic to your TalkTalk service account.


The DSL-3782 in its default condition isn't necessarily suited to working with a VPN but don't worry, the OCE can fix that. What VPN client or service do you use?


Leave your router powered, with remote management (TR069) activated (TR069 will be activated by default), and the router connected to the line until you hear from the OCE's.  They'll check the router and will have options to discuss with you including:

  • An exchange HG633 router OR
  • A firmware update, if available
  • Setting the DNS settings other than to the default TalkTalk DNS
  • Setting the MTU as required for your chosen VPN

An OCE will be able to arrange to send you an exchange router or set up the existing.