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Router Update

Chat Champion

I've just received a Talktalk Youview Pus box, and I have been told that I should update my Hauwei HG532 router firmware.


However, my Youview box is running fine, and I have good broadband speeds.  The current firmware version is v3.03t.


Why does the Youview box need changes made to the router?

What changes will the update make?

Will the changes affect at all my broadband connection speed?



Chat Champion

Edit to above - Since having my Youview box connected for a couple of days, my line speed has deteriorated dramatically - it was around 10.5 to 11.5.  It is now under 7.


Please advise what settings to change on the router to restore my previous acceptable line speed.

TalkTalk Team


Hi first500


The sync speed we can see is 13454 kb/s,   The addition of the You View box increases the traffic on the line this also increases the potential for error seconds,  Usually our Line management software will monitor this and adjust accordingly however it is not active on your line therefore the effect may be a temporary speed drop that you have seen. 


How are you running the speed tests, wired or wireless?  you could try our service centre here to see if any line issues are flagged up.. 



Chat Champion

Thanks.  In connection with another problem, one of your colleagues has changed some settings at your end, and all now seems fine.  You can close this chain now.

TalkTalk Team

thanks for the update, ill close this