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Router log in

Problem Solver
Please can someone help me to log into my HG533.For some reason or other my user name has become corrupt,and I've forgotten the password.Is this an indication of my 533 being hacked into?Smiley Surprised
Team Player
To log into the router you don't use your TalkTalk username and password. The login name is 'admin' and the default password is also 'admin'.
Problem Solver
Of course,what a dummie!! Thanks for that Smiley Indifferent
Conversation Starter
I've just received my HG533 router, after setting it up I tried to access thee router & couldn't get on. I rang up tech support & after him eventually understanding what I wanted & trying a couple of things I managed to get onto the router (it was admin - admin Smiley Surprised must have been finger trouble) I told him I wanted access to the router amongst other things to change the login password. He informed me I shouldn't change this Smiley Mad in case I have problems in the future it couldn't be accessed Smiley MadSmiley Mad I have always altered the default setting, I know I have been able to access other routers using the default setting. He said my router was secure & can only be accessed by someone inside my house Smiley MadSmiley MadSmiley Mad. Surely if I leave my user name & password to the default then why bother having any password.