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Screenconnect blocked

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I was on the phone to a manager for an hour, got screenconnect url unblocked, but when I actually try to connect via the connect I get errors, I assume because some ports are blocked etc. Also I'm unable to disable home safe scam protection as I get an error.


Can someone please disable all of this ASAP on my account


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Hi @FunnyNublet


Funny that, yes you did say you got an error including that ScreenConnect no longer exists.


You did say you wanted this ASAP.  So, to be clear: From Friday 4pm through to Monday 8am there's no TalkTalk support on Community so you have to go through an agent on LiveChat or on the 'phone or Messenger.


I wrote three paragraphs explaining. At the end of each paragraph I said that if you couldn't carry out the instructions detailed in the Article then ask an agent.


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I thought I made it clear that I cannot do this myself on my account as I get an error... guess not. 


I am UNABLE to turn this off myself, so I'm asking if a tech can please turn off everything to do with homesafe for me.


Thank you 🙂


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Hi @FunnyNublet


Here's how to use TalkTalk HomeSafe® Scroll down the advice article and expand the section on Scam Protection. You'll see that there's a facility to switch off Scam Protection once via your MyAccount.  For assistance you can chat to one of the agents who will turn this setting off for you. 


Scam Protection is designed to safeguard TalkTalk customers from fraudulent use of remote control software like the former ScreenConnect, now replaced by ConnectWise Control. Both blocked by default but unblockable on request to an agent.


If you wish you can keep HomeSafe and Scam Protection active and just allow the ConnectWise Control site by adding to the KidsSafe Choose which websites to allow list. Just add the ConnectWise Control website(s) to the allow list as explained in the Article. Or ask one of the agents to do that for you.