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Do I need security for my iPhone & iPad?

F-Secure Team

They are safer than desktops and Android, but not invincible. We recomend usking some Internet Security on all devices as it is still the same Internet and you are stil vulnerable to dodgy websites. We have these general tips:


Update the operating system software as soon as you’re asked. 

1)People often don’t do this because they don’t notice a difference after the update. And that’s  usually because it was to fix a flaw in the software which could be used to get access to your device. If you don’t install the update, it’s still an open door to hackers.

2.) Use security software. Security software is needed for Macs. This not only stops malware and phishing attacks, but also provides content control. iPhones are certainly more secure than Android devices, but features such as browsing protection are useful additional tools you can benefit from.  The good news is that TalkTalk has Macs and iPhones covered with the SuperSafe Boost powered by F-Secure. Eight-device protection is FREE for Plus TV customers, and for all other customers it’s £2 per month (and it’s worth over £100 a year). You can also try it out on one device for free here. (link to MyAccount)

3.)      Think twice about jailbreaking your iPhone. 

Jailbreaking may give you access to more apps and themes, but it also opens your device up to attack. The XSSER iPhone virus discovered last year would take SMS messages, stored photos and contacts. But it only worked on jailbroken devices.