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Should I have contacted my old ISP?

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I'm a fairly new customer - been on for about 2 weeks with a LLU phone and broadband package. Whilst I've had written confirmation from BT of a closing of account and a settling of the a final bill, I've yet to hear anything from O2. In fact just today I've had an email with my latest bill.

I'm fairly sure the welcome correspondance I've recieved from TT stated that TT would notify any exiting service providers of the change, but I'm beginning to think that maybe O2 weren't told. Should I have done this?
TalkTalk Team
Hi Ouch,

I would always advise contacting your existing/old provider and let them know your leaving date. I prefer to be sure that they are aware rather than trusting your new provider whoever they may be. If you had a new line install then most definitely alert them to the fact that you are or have left.