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Slow Internet speed - No Support from talk - Can I cancel my contract?

TalkTalk is rubbish

When I signed up to Talk Talk I was told I would get a speed of over 18 and I am only getting 6. Everytime I call customer services I get the foreign call centre and after the usual 45mins of battling with them they change my profile and I get a speed of over 10 but within days it drops back down to 6. Even when I report a fault online it says no one is available and to request a call back, to date no one has called. I have done all the checks Talk Talk suggest and it does not improve the speed.


Please can you advise if I am able to be released from my contract as I am not getting the speed they stated despite reporting the problem lots of times over the past 3 months?

Community Team



I'm sorry to hear this.


We can arrange to call you regarding this issue.

Please can you provide availability for this call between 9am and 6pm (Monday - Friday)

Please can you also update your forum profile to include your name, telephone number and alternative contact number (Please do not post this information on this thread)




TalkTalk is rubbish

I am home from 5.15pm on fridays. Are you covered by an ombudsman?

Community Team



We need you to update your profile with your Account telephone number as well as your mobile, when we can access your account we can arrange the callback. 


We will need another date and time for the callback calls are available between 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday.



TalkTalk is rubbish

I am home from 5.15 on Fridays. Are you covered by an ombudsman? Can I cancel my contract and move to a more reliable provider? Please answer my questions. I have had my profile changed; I have been calling since October 2013 and have spoken to the following talk talk staff:






In addition I have had email responses from the following talk talk staff


Uzma Firdous


All three of the above have stated and I quote “Please be informed that I have checked your account and I can confirm that your account has been disconnected on 22/06/2012, this is the reason you are unable to use the internet”

If my account is closed why are you direct debiting my bank account and why am I currently using your very slow wifi!! It is ridiculous the amount of time, effort and sheer frustration I have had to put up with, your customer service is appalling. I WANT TO LEAVE, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!




Ive booked a call for you at 17:00 on Friday for the speed to be looked into by a Faults Manager for you.



TalkTalk is rubbish

I am home from 5.15 on Fridays. Are you covered by an ombudsman? Can I cancel my contract and move to a more reliable provider? Please answer my questions.

Community Team

Hi TalkTalk is rubbish


Thanks for your post. 


We are covered by an ombudsmen, information can be found in our complaints procedure,  Wait for the call on Friday and let us know how it goes. 


TalkTalk is rubbish

Please have a UK based faults manger call after 5.15pm on my mobile (My talk talk home phone is on silent due to all the unsolicited sales calls I receive).


Community Team

Hi TalkTalk is rubbish,


I'm sorry to say that there are no UK based faults managers, would you still like the call tonight?

TalkTalk is rubbish

I have already spoken to 5 of your Indian call centre staff, you would think at some point someone at talk talk would realise the centre does not resolve  customers issues.  I have repeatedly asked you if I can be released from the contract as you are not providing the speed of service you stated, every time you have failed to answer. I am willing to give it one last attempt on the telephone to resolve the problem,  I have arranged to be home at 5.15pm tonight to take the call.


If after the call (that's if actually happens this time), you have not provided the speed you stated and you refuse to release me from the contract without charge, I will report the issue to the ombudsman. I've called you 5 times and I have lost count of the amount of email's and fault reports I have logged with you, I can with out doubt state you are by far the most ineffiencent un-customer focused company I have ever had to deal with. 

Community Team



Thanks for the update.


OCE_Mark has booked the callback for 5pm this afternoon, we can only set call times for on the hour, but I've left a note asking the Fault Manager to call after 5:15



TalkTalk is rubbish

I have waited 30mins for the agreed call, how much longer should I wait by the phone?

Community Team

Our fault managers will try to call with 2 hours of the set callback time, so you should receive the callback within the next hour but unfortunately there have been some delays today. Please let us know if you don't receive the callback or you need to reschedule it.