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Slow speed compared to sky

Popular Poster

Hi, i've just signed up with talk talk after moving from sky and my broadband speed has been greatly diminished. I was getting 13Mb/s download and 0.88Mb/s upload with sky, i'm now getting 6.70Mb/s download and 0.44Mb/s upload with talk talk. I'm really suprised in the difference in speeds between providers and would like to get it sorted.

Wise Owl


Ok, speed ain't everything.


you may have had 13mbs with sky but only  50% of receipted data was probably workable.

Faster speeds does not necessarily indicate a better service.


If you get 7mbps and is 100% error free and the service works as per described, and you do not have issues, then what's the problem.




If you get 13mbps and you have no issues (that your aware of, you may only be 50% error free).


The two services may well be identical !


So, i'll leave leave you to mull this one over.

Popular Poster

Thanks for your quick reply. I havent had any major issues, but i'll see how it goes over the next few days.

Community Star

Hi mawrth,


Just for your information, usually when you first connect to TalkTalk you will be placed on the most stable profile, 15dB profile, and over a few days/weeks their DLM will change to a faster profile if there are little or no errors on your line, you can of course ask to be put on a faster profile sooner but be aware DLM could slow it down if it detects errors/instability. 

TalkTalk profiles are 15, 12, 9, 6 dB (Interleaved or Fastpath)



Popular Poster

Thank you bestmanx3 for your reply. I want to stop using sky altogether and i'll need a good connection for talk talk tv and all the other devices that use the internet here.

Community Team

Hi mawrth


Please can you update your forum profile to include your name and telephone number, we can then look into this further (please do not post this information on this thread)


Thanks :smileyhappy:

Popular Poster

Profile updated. Thanks Debbie

TalkTalk Content Team

Hi Mawrth,


Thanks for the update :smileyhappy:


Ive taken a look at your profile and it looks really healthy, your sync rate is showing up at 17.7mb


Are you connecting in a wired or wireless state? Can you run some speed tests for us on the TalkTalk speed checker in a wired state not using wifi.





Popular Poster

I've waited over a month just to see if it would improve but it hasn't. In a wired state, on the talk talk speed checker i got speeds of 5.8Mbs download and 0.7Mbs upload.




Popular Poster

Just completed some more tests in safe mode and there was a slight improvement  at around 7Mbs

Community Team

Hi mawrth


How have you found the connection since your last post?


The last speed tests I can see were completed on 03/11, these appear to be more consistent at around 6.9mb.


I've also made a change to a setting on the line and the sync speed has increased. Please let us know how the connection compares.



Popular Poster

Wow. 15.8Mbps fantastic. Thanks to all for your help:smileyvery-happy:

Community Team

Hi mawrth


Thanks for keeping us updated :smileyhappy:


Please let us know if you do experience any further issues.