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Solid Red Internet Light on Router - Internet Service but no YouView

Team Player



I can only connect to the Internet by connecting my PC directly to the BT Openreach Modem. If I try and connect via the TalkTalk Router I get a solid Red Internet light, where as before it used to connect with a Green Internet light. This means I can only use the Internet on my PC - the YouView box I have will only connect via the TalkTalk Router, but as the TalkTalk Router is not connecting, I can no longer use YouView services.


I've searched through many of the posts with exactly the same issue, but none of the solutions described get me connected again via the TalkTalk router. We had yet another group of BT Openreach engineers at our green distribution box in the village 3~4 days ago, and the problem started with the work they did on the distribution box.


Just to recap: I can connect perfectly well to the Internet via the BT Openreach Moden, but if I try and connect via the TalkTalk Router through the BT Openreach Modem the Internet light remains solid red. This means I can use the Internet but not use YouView, as YouView will only connect via the TalkTalk Router, and not directly through the Openreach Modem - something to do with I.P. checking etc.  Tried all the usual fixes such as turning the router off for ten minutes, and reseting the BT Modem, along with many other options for a fix, but none have worked.


I've cancelled my monthly YouView On Demand in the meantime until the issue is resolved. We had a total loss of service some months ago and it took seven weeks to get back online, so I'm guessing it may take quite a while to get this issue sorted.


I've also noticed an 13Mbs drop in speed since the engineers paid a visit to our green distribution box in the village - would the two issues be in any way connected? Used to get a solid 75Mbs download speed, but now it's a constant 62Mbs download speed. Upload speed remains unaffected at 17.5Mbs


Thank you.



TalkTalk Team

Hi joand,


I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems. I can see that you have tried switching the modem and router off for 10 minute but could you try the same again but leave the modem and router off for at least 30 minutes then retest 


Please let us know how you get on 


Team Player

Thanks, Chris


I left the router in the cupboard for a few days expecting not to need it again, but when I tried it once more on your instructions it connected almost immediately.


Just one more thing - will my speed reach it's original 75Mbs from it's current 60Mbs again, or is a slow down inevitable with all new accounts?


Thanks again for your help Smiley Happy


TalkTalk Team

Hi joand,


When fibre is first installed it will connect at the fastest speed possible. DLM will then monitor the connection and if it detects any instability or errors on the line then it will gradually adjust the profile to find the best balance between speed and stability.

Unfortunately we have no access over fibre profiles and as such we cannot change the SNR or remove DLM off the line.


If the connection remains stable and the errored seconds are low then DLM may increase the broadband speed.