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Stopping nuisance calls when number is withheld

I strongly support your new facility to allow customers to report nuisance calls via your website.  However, in my experience, the most annoying calls are always recorded on 1471 as "number unavailable" or an obviously spoofed number. Today, for example, I had a call from "a lawyer" regarding a non-existent car accident I was supposed to have been involved in and I have in the past had literally dozens of calls telling me my computer has a fault: the well-known Event Viewer scam or similar. The latter are usually from the Indian sub-continent and although I have reported many of them to Action Fraud, they continue to occur. The Telephone Preference Service is of course to no avail as the scammers simply ignore UK law.
I am aware that by dialling 1477 immediately after a call it can be logged on your Network to the real telephone number that originated it, irrespective of the caller's wish to keep that information hidden. But these details are not available to your customers.
Please can you ask your website support staff to enhance the scam-reporting service to include the possibility of first dialling 1477 and then making a web report in which the caller is described as "number withheld but logged using 1477", with the precise date/time of the call which would allow you to track it down in your records.

Hi MikeDT,


While the information does not show as available to customers the number you are contacted from is available to the networks team.  We can not share this with customers directly.




Hi Emma,


Yes, the fact that the number is available to the Networks team is exactly my point! If I had a "number withheld" abusive / fraudulent call at a time I could quote accurately in reporting the call to your website, then you could (confidentially, without telling me the number) follow up and block the miscreants, if justified. That would improve your service considerably as virtually all such calls are number withheld or spoofed.

Interestingly, I received a prompt response from the TalkTalk nuiscance calls team ( but they claimed that even TalkTalk can't get such numbers, only BT can do that. The exact quote from them was:


"TalkTalk don't have the ability to see the number being withheld, but BT do. We are unable to take any action on withheld numbers or numbers unavailable.
 We do have an 'Anonymous Caller Reject' boost, which costs £3.88 per month. This can be added to your service via your 'myaccount' section on our website.
 If you choose to have this boost, please be aware that most doctor surgeries, hospitals and banks withhold their numbers. It may also be wise to inform family and friends about this boost so that they know that they will have to show their number for you to pick up."


This response is important because it emphasises that if people pay for Anonymous Caller Reject they may find themselves rejecting calls they actually need to be able to receive!


Hi MikeDT


We offer as much support as we can in terms of blocking unwanted calls, hence the release of the new reporting feature.


However for whatever blocks/restrictions we can implement, there will be those who try and subvert it.


I appreciate your comments and will pass these on for consideration, as maybe adding a time and date of the receipt of "unknown" calls could help identify them.



Smiley Happy