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TT to Blueyonder in the Bristol Area

Wizz Kid
It is clear that some sort of problem exists if you (as a TT account) send mail to a blueyonder user in the Bristol area?

The question mark appears because both the blueyonder users who have not received mail from me recently have 'questionable' set ups on their PC's - so you will appreciate the duality that could exist.
Is there a known problem with TT/Blueyonder at the moment?
Your experiances/thoughts would be appreciated.
Community Star
Are the recipients using a mail client (Outlook or Thunderbird for instance) or are they accessing their mail in a web browser?

If your mail is being received by others, and only those using Blueyonder in the Bristol area are having issues receiving it, then it would suggest the issue is probably 'their end' of the connection...
Wizz Kid
Have just discovered that if I use my gmail account - the problem does not exist!!

My original problem was based on me using Thunderbird as my client.
Where does that take us ????????????????

Have also found out that the three recipients concerned, have the reverse problem contacting me - their mail is not being received at my end
Wizz Kid
Additional information -
Have also become aware that the same problem applies when I use outlook express.

Does anyone know if blueyonder currently have a block on talktalk email (As they did on a previous occasion?