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Wizz Kid

So Plus TV is just FREEview and the FREE catchup services? Unless you want to PAY for stuff that is.


I should just have bought a Samsung Smart tv, as it has no contract and all 4 catchup services. Plus it can actally record the Drama channel!!!


TalkTalk Plus TV service is going down hill rapidly. Notice how long it takes after the YouView software is released to Humax boxes for TalkTalk boxes to be updated?????


Remember the LoveFilm offer that was also removed without notice!!!!!! Trading Standards need to give TakTalk a kick for changing a service during a contract with no notice. Yes I know the contract says they can change BUT it doesn't mean the contract is Fair and Reasonable. Would you still be tied into a PlusTV contract if TalkTalk blocked Freeview? So where is the line drawn?


Prices increasing and package content reducing and service getting worse as the days go by........


I for one will be ending my contract asap and going to BT after 7 years with TalkTalk/Tiscali!

Barry Gilfillan
Wise Owl

derrysurfer wrote:

Very disappointing.


I must have been one of the handful who did get advance notice.


Late last night 29 Aug I got an email to say it was going.  Complained on twitter to the various offical Talk Talk accounts and it was obvious that it had even took the staff by surprise as they had not a notion it was happening and some actually said that it was still on their youview box so thus 'the problem was at my end'.  I then checked at 8.30 this morning and it had gone for good.


My toddler daughter loved all the Kids shows on Scamp and now to find we need to pay another £5 for the kids boost to see Scamp with literally no warning at all is below the belt imo.


Would love to know the reason behind this, as I say it happened so quickly and appeared to even take staff by surprise.


They mention '...changes in market conditions...' as the reason.  I reckon they have lost loads of customer to the BT youview package especially now as BT offer the footy free of charge so maybe providing TV Gift was not viable any more.



BT expands their Youview service while Talk Talk cuts back on theirs.  With that attitude they will lose many more customers.

In the last 2 months BT has only signed up 23,000 customers to there TV service in the 6 years since BT started there TV service they have now 833,000 customers on there TV package.  Talk Talk added 160,000 customers in the same period, Sky added 34,000 customers in the same period. as well on the 29th Aug TalkTalk delivered it's 500,000 box so in the 11 months since Talk Talk TV started they have signed up half a million customers.  So as for TT losing customers to BT its not been happening doing on the figures it looks like BT are the ones losing the customers.  With BT Youview you cant get BT Sport or there live boost channels unless you have BT Infinity which about 60% of the UK don't have access to yet.


Personally losing the TV Gift is no big big deal to me as it something that I have never really used as most of the stuff on it I have already seen but I will be putting a complant in about it.

First Timer

The TV Gift was the only programmes I ever really watched as I find not being able to series record on the boosts a real pain. I have spent most of the morning trying to get through to Talk Talk to discuss it but am permanently on hold. I phoned the sales line in desperation who didn't even know what TV Gift was let alone that it had gone and kept insisting it was a problem with my account.


I had been with AOL for 12 years before moving to Talk Talk (who I believe are linked) and have had nothing but problems - constant buffering, power line adaptors needing replacing, long times between engineers visits (plus waiting in for them) whilst paying for a service which does not work. I've even had the fibre optic line put in to help which appears to have changed nothing.


On top of all this, a few weeks back I looked at my bank statement and had been charged over £200 for my box (?). When I telephoned them I was told this was because I had cancelled the service (I hadn't - I'd actually been offered 3 free months Entertainment) so I had been charged for the box!!


This removal of TV Gift is the final straw in what has been an incredibly unsatisafactory experience....

Popular Poster
I had phoned them this morning and had to renew my contract, and now on a better deal too for 6 months, but also have more on demand channels without extra cost, so it pays to phone, I was put on hold for a short period. they also tried to sell there mobile sims too, which do sound good to be fair would save me £5 a month which in this day and age is towards my son
Barry Gilfillan
Wise Owl

What department have you people been calling?

First Timer

Took me ages trawling through all the online help pages but eventually I found a phone number for technical support - 0870 444 1820.  The first operator I spoke to didn't understand ,TV giftthinking I meant the TV Guide and she had me crawling round the back of my tv set to get the serial number off my box -( tiny little letters & numbers) obviously indicating she thought I had a problem with the box - eventually I was cut off!! The second operator was a bit more clued up and knew tha tthe tv gift had been removed and kept insisting that all customedrs had been informed!! After some he realised that I wasn'thappy and put me on hold to refer to his manager who then came on the line and repeated all the operator had said but added the sweetner of 3 months free Entertainment boost - will keep an eye on my talk talk account to make sure they don't charge me for anything extra or £200.00 for the box!!!!!!!  Still disappointed though asTV Gift was the main option I used :-(


Conversation Starter

Lucky you ! I was only offered 1 month free Entertainment package when I ranf....I am now awaiting a call escalating my complaint to level 3 !!! This is appalling and probably a breach of contract and we, the customer should make a stand on this !!!!!

Conversation Starter
well done for getting the Entertainment Boost free for the run of your contract !!
Popular Poster
I want to add afterwards I played peppa pig from scamp and now comes up with kids boost £5 or entertainment boost £15 now looking at both options scamp is not on any of these options so what gives ?
Popular Poster
Certainly not paying any more money and was told this and so will now call back and complain as I'm fuming
Chat Champion

Talktalk TV doesnt seem tooooo popular right now does it?

We are not able to record "Drama" with no end date in sight. Now they have removed the Gift TV that helped to attract me to join in the first place. What will be next to go I wonder "due to the changing market"?`

Team Player

I'm still waiting to be signed up for the promised TV boost, I don't want to do it myself as I want to be sure to get the promised discount applied too. I guess another phone call will be needed. Sigh.

First Timer

I'm still waiting for the promised Entertainment Boost too!! I was told it would take 24 hours but when I tried to watch a box set on ABC last night it wanted me to pay for it!! Are we just being fobbed off?!!

First Timer

I have just spent 30 minutes complaining about this - I have got ABC reinstated for 3 months from tomorrow. I have threatened legal action - sure their terms and conditions say to change - but is total removal of a service classed as "change" - don't think so.


It was the only reason I got this and have not been happy with it on performance. - will be departing this compnay asap.

First Timer

hey guys,

Recently ordered talktalk tv over buying the box outright because it works out the same as buying a youview box outright (£190-argos) but comes with free extra content as mentioned by the sales advsior and website.

Installed thursday and free extra content disapeared Friday.

Complained to TalkTalk and they are given me 3months Enteraintment Extra Boost free. :-) So im now happy. (although I do have to purchase it as normally and it will be taken off my bill - figners crossed this will actually happen).

I am about mythed though - I can't see why anyone, in there right mind, would keep the TV package after the min 18months? (if you dont use the premium content).

Wizz Kid

Slowly but surely now beginning to hit news sites.



Community Star

Definately worth the phone call - I too have a deal I'm happy with.

Me too, just sign up two weeks ago, very unhappy with the service, very slow response, and no hd channel, now even the free channel become £15 a month,
Any lawyer here, any direction what should we do, can't let those big company mess up around, thinking they can get away with anything.
Popular Poster
The thing that gets me is they say at no extra cost but £5 and £15 is extra and with new contract has cost me as well and dont really need it
First Timer

I was furious that Talk Talk had 'stolen' the TV gift from my package....I was in the middle of watching a series!  I called up to complain. First advisor wasn't even aware it had been stopped and thought it was a technical issue, second advisor told me that there was no point in complaining as it had been removed and there was nothing she could do. I insisted on registering a complaint. Third advisor gave me 3 months free Entertainment Boost as compensation and was told that TV Gift may be put back on in that time......anyone else been told this? Is that true? Excuse my pessimism but I have had nothing but bother with Talk Talk TV. To be fair, all the issues eventually get resolved, but when I say eventually, this is after numerous calls which all last well over 30 mins and I have been passed around what feels like the entire customer service department.