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Talk Talk Email Account Access

First Timer
If I was to leave Talk Talk for an alternative ie BT would I still be able to access and use my talk talk email account? or would i lose it?
Some people say yes some say no - but I need a definitive answer.
ThanksSmiley Mad
Hi ashton and welcome to the forumsSmiley Happy
I have moved this topic into the customer service and billing section of the forum so that one of the forum staff (OCE) can provide you with a definitive answer.
Please note that the OCE are only online during weekday working hours and it is therefore unlikely that you will receive a response until the easrly part of next week.
Kind regards
TalkTalk Team
Hi ashton,

in the past on the old systems with the old management processes your mail account would have remained in tact. Now with new systems and processes it is almost guaranteed that it will be deleted when you disconnect.