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TalkTalk Router Update Tool

Conversation Starter
I'm on fibre optic with TalkTalk plus , is this tool still necessary for me? Just wanted some more information about it please Smiley Happy

My router is a Huawei EchoLife HG532 and on the back of the router it says the firmware version is : V3.03T
and hardware version : B.1.01
Is this already up to date??

Many thanks guys
TalkTalk Team
Hi colzey,

Yes you can still use the Router Firmware Update Tool as long as you have a compatible router.

About the TalkTalk Router Update Tool
Please see my reply on the 'fake email' thread. The email everyone got to upgrade F/W is causing issues. I have V3.03t as well on my HG532 (since the update a few months ago). Running the update tool it just says 'unknown router'.

I have reset the password back to 'admin' and the IP range to, (you have to do that as the tool is a bit 'noddy') but it still does not work. It is possible that 3.03 IS the latest version; I read in a previous thread that the upgrade tool says 'unknown router' if the F/W it is trying to upgrade you to is the same as you already have (more noddiness Smiley Very Happy).

Conversation Starter
Is it necessary though? Is mine up to date? Smiley Mad
v3.03t is the latest version.
TalkTalk Team
Hi colzey,

As redchiz says, you already have the latest firmware Smiley Happy

Conversation Starter
Okay thanks thats great!

Smiley Happy
TalkTalk Team
Let us know if you need any assistance Smiley Happy