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Talktalk anti-virus software

First Timer
Been a customer for a few years now and pay montly for the talktalk anti-virus software ('powered by f-secure') that came on the connect & go software when I first signed up.

I am soon purchasing a laptop which I will be connecting to the internet as well as my current desktop, and was wondering if I can install the anti-virus software on the laptop as well with the same serial number.

Basically can I have the software (that I pay for monthly) installed on more than one computer?

Thanks :)
Hi jbrown93,

It would depend on the type of fsecure you have currently installed.

If you ar enot on the Essential call plan, therefore not using the super secure boost, you wil have either the F-Secure Standard of F-Secure premium service.

The F-Secure standard can only be installed on one PC at any time. The F-Secure Premium however can be installed on upto 3 differnt devices at any given time. If you are not on the premium package you can upgrade this via My Account.

If you are on essentials and receive the super secure boost you can add the F-Secure to upto 3 PC's also.


First Timer
All I know is I'm on the International Anytime call plan, with the free broadband included. So I assume that means I have the standard F-Secure.
How much extra is the super secure boost a month? (Trying to work out whether it would be cheaper to purchase a different anti-virus software that can be installed on several computers and pay for annually).
Thanks a lot for your help:)
Hi jbrown93,

My apolgies if there ahs been any confusion but the Super Secure boost is only compatible with the Essentials call plan adn TalkTalk Pro.

For your call plan you could be on either the F-Secure Standard or F-Secure Premium. You can check this and upgrade by logging into "My Account" on the TalkTalk website and selecting the relevant online security option.

This will give you complete control to download the latest version of Fsecure.


First Timer
Ah yes I've found the section in 'My Account' and got the answer I was looking for (for any of those wondering its an extra 2 pounds a month).
Thanks a lot for your help :)
No problem jbrown,

If you have any other queries feel free to start a new thread


Popular Poster
I am currently signed up to Talk Total Anytime and recently added Super Secure Boost with three licences for £ 2.00 per month. I note the comment above that says to obtain Super Secure Boost I have to be on Essentials but surely that cannot be right.

I intend to add Super Secure Boost to a new Windows 7 Laptop as soon as the suppliers free introductory virus package expires.
Wizz Kid
just use avg free edition from
27,000,000 people cant be wrong.You can also get avira or avast for free from cnet(

Norton clocks in at 1000mb while avg free edition is 34mb.
Hope this save you time and money.
First Timer
Thanks I'll give it a go :)
Chat Champion
Dump the Fsecure and stop the payments for it.

I have used CA antivirus for a great many years and still do.
I have never had a system highjacked or a virus get through yet.

It is only one small purchase and thats it for the year or more.

AVG is only popular because it is free, but I am a computer technician - consultant and have had a very lot of systems for repair and re installation due to AVG allowing many rubbish trojans, virus through.

Anything worth having is never FREE.