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The Yahoo Controversy

Problem Solver

In view of the latest information regarding the scale of the Yahoo hackings there anything I can do to protect myself more on line? I realise TalkTalk does everything it can  but I feel as a PC user I must also use my common sense. It tells me to unsubscibe from Yahoo. I have tried to do this believing it to be a simple matter but was somewhat baffled. Are you able to help, please? Obviously I have changed my password but it's rather closing the gate after the horse has bolted!


My thanks/



F-Secure Team

Sad to say you are correct, of course best protection is to defend yourself. That means:

Run good Internet Security like SuperSafe Boost J

Patch, patch patch! Make sure Windows updates automatically. Make sure your Internet Browser does so and any 3rd party apploications.

Use multiple passwords, as many as you can, ideally one for each log-in. Consider using a Password Manager tool



  1. Use a separate browser for purchasing and general browsing. This reduces your risk of being hacked in the web browser
  2. Careful what you post online
  3. If it looks too good to be true, it is