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Tiscali email problems.

Chat Champion
Hallo Debbie.

Here is incident number : 130215-000345

I've been here before of course, hope this encounter is more fruitful. :)
Chat Champion
re your e-mail this morning, the Incident Number is already posted in the preceding post.
Chat Champion
Hi OCE_people.

Just an update, e-mail was working fine this morning then started the

An error has occured while opening this email. The email message may have been corrupted.


Free Ginseng for all OCE_'s
Hi melange,

I have replied to your email to confirm some further details. Could you please reply to this. If you receive a new reference number, could you please post it on this thread.


Chat Champion
Hi Nathan.

The penny has finally dropped with me that every time I reply to you directly ie not on this thread, for some reason a new Incident Number is produced.
So this means this thread now possesses the following Incident Numbers:



- FYI of course.

Chat Champion
Hello Nathan.
You - and the OCDs - no not those affected by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but the Online Community Department to whom my problem has been passed to ;) ;), asked for symptoms of this problem.

This may interest Clint, Metalgold, eyebee and Cowley Cat et al too , but for a long time and INTERMITTANT being key as well, when actually on an opened e-mail and I try to delete it, it does not delete the open e-mail but says

You must select at least one item to delete

or similar words to that effect. The fact that the actual item is open , or in other instances, ticked in your inbox, sometimes is not enough proof that that is specifically the item you want the action to be attendant on..... be interesting if others have experienced this, as it is intermittant and occurs at seemingly random occassions.
Community Team
Hi melange,

Thanks for the upate

Could you confirm which, if any email problems you are experencing at the moment (I know they tend to be intermittant)

Chat Champion
Hello Chris.

Yes the main problems are intermittant, but one problem that is constant is opening certain email hyperlinks: ie from
Try opening
Klean Kanteen
From:Ken Cook, EWG
Date:06/03/2013 14:21

which I received today.... also on my other Tiscali email account opening any twitter emails* fire me back onto the Login page within 10 seconds...... not sure how it would go with twitter feeds as it is notifications* from twitter that I receive, but if you have a twitter account you have my permission to send an email by twitter - if that is possible - to my main Tiscali account.
Maybe it is an Yankee thing as are US based and probably Twitter too, but feel free to experiment.
{ within reason ;) }
Chat Champion
Hullo Chris,

another 'unusual' development is that with certain e-mails I have started getting this 'CISCO warning', some form of security alert and the page does not load, greyed out behind a RED or GREEN radiobutton traffic lighty thing and as I trust those sights, which it asks, I then get through .... I have deliberately not deleted and marked as 'important' the e-mail that I received today 07/03/2013 at 00:07hrs that you can try to open and hopefully see what I described above.
Chat Champion
Hallo Chris.

You did ask for problems so here is another one:

try opening any of the hyperlinks on the e-mail that I received from Secrecy in Europe
From:Peter Facey, Unlock Democracy
Date:08/03/2013 13:20

and you will get the 'TalkTalk
Sorry, the page you were looking for cannot be found'

also some of the images in this e-mail do not form fully - this happens with certain e-mails.
Chat Champion
To all OCEs and OCDs.
You have had direct access to my e-mails for some time now.
How are things progressing, and, since you still have direct access to my account, perhaps you could explain where the e-mail I sent to myself went - and others using Cc - it was sent on 19/3/2013 at 17:51 hrs and its size was 6.7MB (15 small attachments ) and the other recipients received it .
Chat Champion
And if any OCE's / OCD's get this you could try clicking on either of the hyperlinks in the e-mail from me to me on Date:26/03/2013 9:55 ........... and you will hit the Apache Tomcat error.
Chat Champion
Dear OCE's / OCD's

in line with keeping you up to date with my intermittant problems, yesterday (Tues 2nd April 2013) at ~ 5:15pm when attempting to login with auto password AND with manually inserting password, the 'Wrong/ Invalid username or password' kept coming up and took on average 3 attempts to login, and as I was being spat regulary back out to the login page when eventually logged in, this happened multiple times.
I have my suspicions that some 'intermittant problems' manifest themselves at peak usage times and as you still have access to my webmail I suggest testing at peak times may be fruitful.
And while you are in if you open the webmail from From:Peter Facey, Unlock Democracy
Date:02/04/2013 13:44
and try any of the two hyperlinks in it you will access the Talktalk 'Sorry, the page you were looking for cannot be found' page.

Hope this update is useful.
Chat Champion
Is there anybody out there ?????????????????????/

Well anyway, a rhetorical (?) Hello to OCE's and OCD's and especially Clint, Metalgold, eyebee and Cowley Cat et al , as I wish to ask those users if this latest Talktalk excuse is a new-to-them one.
On trying to connect to either of my Tiscali e-mail accounts at 1:30pm today Thursday 4th April 2013 I receive a new message:

Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)

Is this a new one folks ?
I Have The Same Problem And Same Message. This Has Happened Previously And I Have Had To Do System Restores Which I Don't Want To Have To Keep Doing. It Only Seems To Happen When A Windows Update Has Been Done - Is This Coincidence Or Just Another Break Of Service From The Talk Talk Team?
Hi melange and notsohappyfa

I reported this problem on the 6th March without a response from an OCE.

Now whats wrong with this useless unfit for purpose tiscali email system. Log in and get a daisy wheel constantly turning clockwise. If it does move on from there I see this:-

Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)

Happening in several browsers.

06/03/13 In fact having been able to log in to the old tiscali users forum I find that it is in fact 736 days since TalkTalk failed to offer myself and other migrated customers reasonable access to our webmail without some problem or other. TalkTalk still holds the star prize of yet another wooden spoon for a second full year without providing a proper service. Must now be using a bigger cabinet to keep them all in.
Despite reporting more problems and asking that TT management make a statement about their intentions in resolving them, no OCE has replied to this thread since 19th Dec 2012.
I have today discovered that Talk Talk are aware of problems which are being experienced when trying to log in to E-Mail. This problem is linked to new IE10 downloads. I have spent hours of my time trying to overcome the problem, and done 3 computer restores and spent an hour discussing with a TalkTalk member of the help desk by telephone and even he did not have an answer to the problem. I am beginning to think I should not have extended my contract with TalkTalk.
Chat Champion
Hello OCE's or OCD's.

Since I have not had a reply to my enquiry of how things are going, if I do not get a reply of some sort by 10pm tonight YOU will cease to have access to my e-mail account.
All is now OK with my e-mail problems. Thanks:
Community Team
Thanks for the update