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Train Brightsparks as tho it's their House

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I've used the idea because an engineer has left my house, he arrived about two hours before the appointment time booked( I recieved no text ) luckily my son was home who is 20 but does have aspergers so i forgave him.

I Shall Really might be a long one, please try to enjoy.

        Ever since i got Talk Talk (huge, biggest mistake of my life it seems) well after the 30 day no cancellation bonus was over i have had nothing but trouble with my Broadband. from just once upto i ran out of fingers and toes to count on the router would crash all lights would go off then it would re-boot. It never really bothered me as im rarely on the net but the wife and kids sink into a deep depresion while it was rebooting. I procrastinate. had it fitted in OCT17 Problems began around end of November, i got an appointment booked in the Feb of 18 (Told you) Mr openreach found nothing wrong, it continued to happen just the same, so Mr bright sparks came a little while later around April i think. he done some magic and it still was crashing, so again i got in touch with talktalk in August they sent Mr Openreach again, again he found nothing wrong but did suggest a new router. It continued to crash i was going to stay on top of it this time so at the end of August i let them know again. So today the reason for this post, MR Brightsparks has entered my house told my sonits the wrong cable that goes to the router, Because my router is a massive 5m that is only metres away from my socket i bought an extension cable, i've not always had it the router was once next to the socket but it still crashed everyother if not everyday. Well he's gone and the reason for my post, he has attached the router to the wall socket with just enough cable so that it angles up the wall and can just about reach the sideboard it sits on, its an eyesore i bet he has enough cable in his house so that if he decides to move his router to the left just an inch he can, i cannot.

I can only move towards the socket obviously but i cant because Talktalk provided me with a 1m cable so i could watch my tv channels that come through the internet you know the good ones!

I pray it crashes again i was told that if the fault is not fixed after 28 days of reporting i could cancel at no charge i sit here writing, no ranting wishing i had stayed on top of it in the February. oh well just over 12months left then talktalk can do one.


I thank you


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Hi Steve,


I'm really sorry to hear that you've decided to leave (the engineer will usually replace the router if he feels it's necessary), I hope all goes well with your new Internet  service provider 




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Hi Chris, thank you for the reply.

I can tell you that the issue is still persisting, phoned TalkTalk and cancelled the whole lot i'm afraid, i shall be gone in 7 days apperently thankfully at no cost.

But the problem wasthe router would crash switch off and reboot i begged for a new router since the 8th of august when openreach said that was probably it, but talktalk never agreed they sent another engineer he changed a cable, and as i mentioned in my first post this cable is not long enough for me to put the router where i want it, its now got to sit ready to fall off th edge of the tv cabinet. 

Well the cable isnt the problem the router crashed, sorry turned itself off again just as the film got interesting at about 1700hrs this evening. I'm staying on top of it, i rang talktalk, told him i wanted to cancel and cancel i have, NOW they offer me a router, i dont want one now! I wanted one on the 9th of August. i begged for one the other day but i got a cable.

i really dont know how much a new router is but i'm sure it would have been cheaper


I apologise for my sarcasum and flipant remarks, but today was the last straw.






Support Team
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Hi steve-o1972,

Welcome to the Community, sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with your service.


Could you explain exactly what you mean when you say that it crashes?


I've run a line test, it isn't picking up any issues but I can that there were a number of reconnections each day up to the 12th but since then there have only been 2, does this seem about right?