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Trying to submit a new order for the last 5 days

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I ordered a standard broadband package with a go live date on the 6th of June. The BT engineer turns up and then advises there aren't enough lines connecting to the property and they've have to do some work, then return to fit my broadband. 


A week passes, and then I get a flurry of calls from Talk Talk, a lot of which I miss as I'm at work. So I call back and arrange the second engineer's appointment on the 3rd of July. Unfortunately my stepfather passed away last week, and knowing I had to travel to Canada to attend his funeral, I contacted Talk Talk via Livechat to explain this and to cancel the appointment. I was then informed that BT Openreach had already cancelled the 3rd July appointment(!) as it wasn't within some arbitrary 10 day timescale of the original appointment.


This I wasn't too fussed about as I couldn't make it any event. I said "Ok, when can I reschedule?" I was then advised I'd have to cancel the order and set up a new one and this is where the nightmare has begun. Every time I ring in I'm told that I can't set up a new order as the old one is still pending cancellation.


I've been in contact with in excess of 24 different Talk Talk agents via Livechat and telephone and apart from perhaps 2 or 3, the vast majority have ranged from out and out dishonest to purely incompetent. I keep on getting fobbed off and passed to different departments who say they can't help me. I get told that I need to cancel the order, and this has been done, only to ring up a day later to be told that it hasn't been cancelled and I need to ring up and cancel again. How many times does someone need to cancel an order for it to be done? 10-20 times?


As of this morning Sunday, I'm waiting for an order cancellation which was supposed to take 24 hours from Wednesday. I'm trying desperately to get the engineer appointment booked for the latter part of next week as I won't be on leave again until September/October of this year. 


I've been trying to rebook this appointment since the early part of last week and all I get is lied to by agents, or given incorrect information. I had several promises of call backs which never materialised. I'm so fed up that I'm not sure at this stage whether it's even worth putting in a complaint or just giving up and going elsewhere.


Sorry for the rambling wall of text, but I can't put into words how frustrated upset and demoralised I feel at the moment.


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Hi @Ally28


Sorry for the delay.  The problem has been cleared and the order is now cancelled. 




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Thanks Arne but  I wouldn't hold out much hope. I contacted the order management team to make a complaint. They've advised there's a problem with the system and will take another 5 working days before I can place an order. Unfortunately I'm only available this week for an engineer's appt(told Talk Talk this all last week when I was chasing things up) - won't be off work now until September. It's clear to me that Talk Talk doesn't want me as a customer but thanks for your help anyway.


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Hi Ally28


Its shouldn't be to hard to cancel an order, Ill speak to our provisioning teams


Ill post back when i get an answer.





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I'd really appreciate that.


Having contacted them today to find out whether the pending order cancellation had cleared, I was told yet again that the order hadn't ever been cancelled at all, it would now be cancelled, and I'll have to wait yet another 24 hours. This is an order that has been cancelled 3 times already, so I'm not sure how that works.


But I'd really like to get out of this spiral of despair so if the online support team can look into this then I'd be grateful. I've updated my profile with  contact info.


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Sorry to hear about this, if you would like the online support team to look into this for you make sure that your personal details including the full service address and any order number are complete on your community profile here so that they can link to your forum identity and then give them a day or two to respond.