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Unfair engineer charge

First Timer
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Hi i received my bill and notice a charge 65£ for an engineer visit.

We had some issues with line, couldn't dial and receive calls(there was only noise in the handset), and we had no Internet conection for about week or so, and before that very often drops in Internet conection.

We called engineer, he came 28 December. He found faults and fix the line that we could call again, check Internet, increase the conection and change the socket as well( said we had bad socket for faster fibre).

And I'm asking why is this unfair charge 65£ on my bill???

We used a chat and we called, they opened a complaint case.

Can you help with this case? Thanks Tomasz


Support Team
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Hi TomaszTom


Sorry that you are unhappy. 


I have checked the engineer report which states: 


"I completed the ring ahead with the end customer Mr T TOMASZ and progressed to their premises. End customer advised the line was noisy.I have resolved the fault located at NTE / internal wiring up to NTE,  This was shown by visible signs of damp / corrosion within NTE / BT / LJU / front plate.There is a BT / Openreach globe or newer logo stamped on it.Engineer replaced "


This states the the fault was caused by damp and corrosion, Unfortunately this is classed as a chargeable visit,  The full list of what is chargeable  can be found on our help page About engineer charges,  As you have a complaint open you will be able to discuss this with a complaint manager when they contact you.