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Variable Broadband speed

Popular Poster
Today I have really good, stable, FAST broadband!!
Thank You Talktalk. PLEASE don't change anything!
For several months I have had very UNSTABLE broadband, sometimes not working at all.
I have been on the phone to Support many times, been through the whole unplug everything, replug, turn off, reboot, fiddle with modem settings and all of those other time wasting scenarios. I'm still waiting for a replacement modem, as I assumed mine to be worn out. Yesterday I had another chat with support. Whoever that was, Thanks for sorting it out at your end!

Examples of variable speeds below

Wed, 13th Oct 10 12.84 Mbps 0.76 Mbps 12:21
Wed, 13th Oct 10 12.66 Mbps 0.76 Mbps 12:06
Wed, 13th Oct 10 10.73 Mbps 0.76 Mbps 12:04
Wed, 13th Oct 10 13.68 Mbps 0.76 Mbps 12:03

Tue, 12th Oct 10 6.22 Mbps 0.61 Mbps 09:32
Tue, 12th Oct 10 0.87 Mbps 0.3 Mbps 09:25

Wed, 29th Sep 10 1.09 Mbps 0.74 Mbps 12:16
Wed, 29th Sep 10 0.95 Mbps 0.74 Mbps 11:51
Wed, 29th Sep 10 1.82 Mbps 0.75 Mbps 11:47
Wed, 29th Sep 10 1.31 Mbps 0.73 Mbps 11:47
Wed, 29th Sep 10 1.96 Mbps 0.75 Mbps 11:46

Thu, 26th Aug 10 6.54 Mbps 0.73 Mbps 20:32
Thu, 26th Aug 10 0.04 Mbps 0.51 Mbps

Tue, 17th Aug 10 0.79 Mbps 0.07 Mbps 13:18
Tue, 17th Aug 10 1.81 Mbps 0.16 Mbps 13:09

Mon, 16th Aug 10 16.96 Mbps 0.67 Mbps 14:58
Mon, 16th Aug 10 15.39 Mbps 0.66 Mbps 14:44
Fri, 13th Aug 10 14.67 Mbps 0.82 Mbps 10:40
Community Team
Hi keenesound,
Welcome to the forum
Glad to hear that you managed to get your issue sorted out - please let us know if you need any assistance with anything else :)
Popular Poster
Originally Posted by OCE_Chris
Hi keenesound,

Welcome to the forum

Glad to hear that you managed to get your issue sorted out - please let us know if you need any assistance with anything else :)


Hello Chris, and thanks.

Sadly, I spoke too soon. My Broadband is back to it's usual ON-OFF, jittery and unreliable self, and the speed today is back down to 6MB.
I have just yesterday received a letter from Talktalk about my new PLUS upgrade, but the router has not yet arrived and so I am left wondering still if it is the modem which is the problem or something at the exchange. Regards, DK.
Popular Poster
I have just received a new wireless D link router from Talktalk this morning.
Easy setup and speed is now around 13Mbps on a Macbook Pro and same on older Powermac, with either wired or wireless connections. Much better. Thank you. Seems the previous modem was just worn out. Could I suggest to all those users having slow and unreliable speed issues, check that the modem is not worn out! None of the support tech people suggested that, but instead pointed at every other possible cause first.
Hi keenesound,

Thats great news. If you have a look through the forum we always get customers to check with alternative equipment. I am not 100% sure what are technical team are trained to ask but I would have thought they should have asked you to test alternative equipment. Apologies if this was not done.