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Very Slow Internet - Derby

Hi, over the pass the few months i have been receiving a gradually slower internet connection, now to the point where it is becoming slow to load every page and impossible to download or stream anything. I've provided the information detailed in the above post, hope this helps.

2) 2
3a) No
3d) No
4) Yes
5) No
6) DSL-2740R
7) No
8) Yes
9) Yes (I have connected directly to the master socket with the same results)
10) Up 26.1 Down 10.7
11) Up 251 Down 261
12) Up 19.5 Down 35.0
13) No Specific Times
14) Yes
15) Sky

Thanks For Your Help, dazfunk
Hello dazfunk and welcome:)

From your router stats it appears that you may have been placed on a fixed profile for some reason - the forum staff (OCE) will be able to confirm whether this is the case and change your line profile to a more appropriate one as applicable when they are back online (weekday working hours).

Could you please confirm whether or not you are suffering from disconnections as it is a little unclear from your initial details - if you are the OCE will need to address this issue before they can address the speed issue.

May I please ask you to keep your router switched on until the OCE have had a chance to pick up this topic? This will allow them to read the connection logs and also to make any profile changes necessary.

Kind regards

Hi Barney, no not have any disconnection issues.

Thanks for your help.
Community Team
Hi dazfunk,

Your router is showing in sync now for 14 days but there are reauthentications each day and the errored seconds count is very high all the time. The high error count has caused DLM to repeatedly drop your profile to the current fixed 256k profile - I have changed the profile to the next fastest (fixed 512)

Is your skybox filtered? Could you try disconnecting it to see if the connection improves

What other telephone devices do you have plugged in beside the router phone and skybox? are the other devices filtered?

Please let us know how you are getting on

Hi Chris, Thanks for your help.

I've now filtered the skybox and have a much better connection speed.

We actually have 2 skybox's in the house both connected to different telephone sockets (both are now filtered).

I checked the DSL again :-

SNR :- Up 15.1 Down 11.6
Bandwidth :- Up 506 Down 520
Attenuation :- Up 19.4 Down 34.0

Hope this helps.

Community Team
Hi dazfunk,

I can see that the number of errored seconds have reduced :) I have now amended the profile to 12db. If the connection remains stable following the profile change then let us know and we can try a faster profile :)
Hi Michelle , so far so good, everything is running smoothly now, no problems with youtube, iplayer etc.

Thanks for your help.

Community Team
Would you like to try the next profile? :)
Yes please ;)

Community Team
Hi dazfunk,

Just to confirm, is the connection unstable or are you rebooting the modem?

Can you also ensure that the modem is set to always on or disconnect if idle is set to 0 in the modem settings.

To change the d-link to always on
open browswer and type in the address bar, then press enter
type "admin" for the username and password and press OK
click on advanced in the left hand side menu
click on OK to the advance user warning
Change the idle time out to number 0 (by default it is set to 30)
Click on save setting at the bottom of the screen
Hi Michelle,

Ive had no problems with the connection since the profile was changed to 12db and the modem is always left on, Ive also altered the idle time out to 0 as requested.

Thanks, dazfunk
Community Team
Hi dazfunk,

I have now changed the profile to 9db, Let us know how you get on.