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Voicemail problem?

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This morning I had to phone a friend re an appointment and was surprised to hear the stuttered tone of unanswered messages on Voicemail as the light on my phone was not flashing to indicate a call or were there any new messages shown in my calls list. Additionally, of course, the phone had not rang.
Three new calls were on Voicemail from my friend. She confirmed that every time she had rung me the phone was engaged which it was not. This meant my phone was effectively out of action for incoming calls until I phoned out myself.
Another local TT member, Meema, has also experienced this problem that I think lies with the Voicemail service. I cannot ever recall this happening with the 1571 service whilst with BT.
You should report this as a voice fault. "Phone not ringing on incoming calls".

Before you report it, check again with just one known good corded phone plugged in to the hidden test socket inside the removeable bottom half of the master socket.
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My phone was OK later and I also got a friend to leave a message and then phone again and that was also fine. I, and others locally have experienced similar problems from time to time that seems to be linked to the voicemail acting as some sort of block. I was hoping that someone from TT on the site could suggest why this is happening. There have been other times that I have not been able to phone out and this again seems to be the voicemail being the cause. It seems to be some sort of intermittent fault. As I said I never had this problem until I joined TT.
Hi Pawmark,

If anyone else mentions this to you please make a note of the times and dates as best as you can. This will help the faults team to investigate should they need to!

Em x
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Thanks, Emma.
I will let you know if I or Meema next have this problem. The latter told me friend had phoned to say she had just signed up for a really good broadband deal(previously on dial-up)You have guessed it Talktalk! Not only that when I checked the length from the exchange via the Kitz website her friend should (in theory) be in line for some really good speeds.