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Wireless Issues with Huawei HG533

Team Player



Recently i have had the following issues with my wireless.


1. Being dropped from the network for no reason at all.

2. If i turn off my Xbox 360 and then turn it on again it will not connect to the wireless network, and if i turn off the router and allow it to boot up again all is fine once more. 

3. This also happens to my Droid Phone, i have to turn it off then back on again, and then it will connect back to the wireless network.


I have tried multiple ways to troubleshoot this issue including - 


1. Reset the router and input all info once again - Same problem happens.

2. Have only the Xbox 360 online then do as No2 states above - Same problem again.



When i had the 360 wired to the router i never had one issue!!!



Thanks for any help.





Enlightened One

It may help to see what your Wi-FI settings are on the router ?  Have you tried the Wireless N only and also try to change the your Wi-FI channel on the router to 3, 6, or 11

Wise Owl
XBOX 360 IP address conflict, through router check what IP address Xbox is kicking out, ( or wire 360 back to router !)
Team Player
What kind of settings would you require!!??
Team Player

The 360 has a valid static ip address that has been used for months.


I used to use with 100% effectiveness 2 powerline adapters for the xbox, but recently one went on the blink and i don't have the money to purchase the ones i would like to.

Wise Owl
Think router is somehow generating same IP for another device ?
Wise Owl
can u set xbox for dynamic IP instead of static ?
Wise Owl
or change its static IP further away e.g. to
Wise Owl
what is the static IP of the Xbox ?
Popular Poster

Having the same issue but mine is on my brand new Sony Laptop, the funny thing is that everythings else on that wifi work exept my PC but my PC work on virgin like a dream... I am now going to call TT tomorrow to try to cancel my contract and get Virgin.

I have posted a forum on that but noone replying just yet :catfrustrated:

Team Player

Hi the Static of the xbox is -


I have also just read an article explaining that if a computer on a network is put to sleep that when it wakes up there may be a chance that an ip conflict may arise.



So i will place all computers and my 360 on static ip addresses and see what happens.



Thanks to all for your kind help.

Popular Poster

I have tried to asign static IP to my PC but it didn't work, it bring me the folowing error message

1st: DHCP not enabled for WI-FI

2nd: Default getway not available


The PC on this second troubleshouting reset the IP adress to automatic...

If you tried yours and it work would be lovely to know the formula please. Thx

Team Player

Hi i have put xbox 360 and 2 other laptops on static ip addresses and all is well.


If you need help how to set a static ip i am sure most people can help here.


I also changed my "wireless channel" to 11 and changed my "Maximum number of accessing devices" to 12.




I put mine laptops to 55 - 56, and xbox to 58.



Hope this helps some if nmot please let me know, ok.



All seems to be going well at the moment.

Wise Owl
Soooperb, should cheer Gislin up :)
Popular Poster

That's interesting, 


The thing I think I got wrong is the Prefer DSN Server  and alternative DSN Server I know I should get that from

but when I log in there every things are just so confusing

 How did you get to change your wireless chanel and max devices?

hmm maybe this gonna save sony £££ and TT a customer, I just get a call from BT this morning and they are offering me everything include sport for £31, my actual bill with TT thats everything include is £22, if it wasn't of my contract with TT will have switch this morning  




Popular Poster

some how I believe the rate of data I download has something to do with me droping wireless connection...


B4 when steam was on my pc, everytime on startup the pc will drop connection because steam was trying to download update.


I have also realise that if i'm just on normal web use like facebooking googling and this forum, them there will be no issue but since all these things are boring I start streaming music videos and stuffs like that then 1 minute later I don't have connestion :catsad:

Team Player

There is a lot to say here so i will keep it short and sweet.


To change the wireless channel and number of devices do the following.



1. Login to router.

2. Click on Advanced - accept.

3. On the left panel - go to - Basic then choose WLAN.

4. On this page you will see Channel and Maximum number of accessing devices.

I put mine to 11 channel and 12 Devices. Mess about and see what you get ok.


Also for your wirelss you might try purchasing a small N wirelss dongle as i did as my laptop wireless card seemes to be the issue.

I did this sometime ago, but it did help me out as i know it was new and had full N Wireless connection to the router.


Team Player


Oh i forgot to mention about my Primary and Secondary DNS Servers to.


I get mine from a site called - OpenDNS. They are very secure and i have used them for years!!!

Team Player

Below is done within the Windows Op/Sys Vista.


This is how your set up for static ip should look like. This is configured through your network adapters area,

in the (TCP/IPv4) connection.



Find your network adapter - Right click on it - choose properties - you now should be on the "Networking Tab", then 

look for the (TCP/IPv4) connection - select that one - then click on the properties button (down to the right), then fill in the blanks with the info below. Change what you need for your own usage of course.


I also used the same details below for my xbox 360.


IP Address = 192.168.1.??........Mine is 59

Subnet mask =

Default Gateway =


Pref DNS Server =

Alternate DNS =



I hope that some of this has helped you.

Popular Poster
So do we have the same prefer and alternative dsn server? And Yh I purchased a usb wireless adapter on the weekend just hoping it get here soon... I think with all the options I have now my issue should be resolved very soon thanks a lot for your help