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Wrongly charged and fed up with customer service

First Timer

I am extremely fed up with TalkTalk. I used them for years without any problems. Then a month ago I moved house. They arranged my transfer but failed to tell me that I would be starting a new contract all over again. (At the time this would not have bothered me but now its a different story). So I move in and my phone line doesnt work so no phone and no internet. I got in touch with customer service and an engineer was arranged. I was told I may have a charge applied depending on the fault. The engineer visited my home and fixed the problem for me. I asked if the fault was chargeable and was told they had no grounds to charge me. However a month on and I have received a £65 charge on my bill. I emailed talktalk and asked why they had charged me. In their response they firsrt state that an engineer costs £65. Then they contradict themselves saying that they charge £50. They also gave me a list of things they can charge for. They would not tell me what actual fault they think they are charging me for.


I then had a problem that my line was fuzzy and my internet kept dropping out- so a problem with phone AND internet. Once again an engineer was sent out. She fixed my phone line. I asked about my broadband and she said she was only here to fix the phone and wasnt allowed to interfere with the broadband! However as she was very helpful she had a look at my broadband and told me the signal to noise ratio was too high and it needed changed. So I ring up customer service AGAIN and say that I need my signal to noise ratio changed and I got "sorry I dont understand you". Then with my limited knowledge of signal to noise ratio I had to try and explain it to him. I was then passed onto somebody else who tried to do several tests on my line- to find out what the fault was. Even though I told them over and over again that I already knew what the fault was and how to fix it. Eventually I got so fed up that they did the tests and couldnt identify the fault. So I rang back and had to go through that all over again. I was then told by various people that they would have to send an engineer to my property to change my signal to noise ratio- which would be £65. However I eventually got transferred to somebody who actually knew what I was talking about and just changed it straight away taking 2 minutes over the phone. So I spent well over 2 hours speaking to idiots who had no idea what they were talking about, giving me WRONG information.


These are just SOME of the problems ive had in the last few months. 


I refuse to speak to talktalk on the phone. I will only email but they seem to now be ignoring my emails too. So I am resorting to this as a last attempt before I take it to Ofcom.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi fedupme


Thanks for your post.  Sorry that you are unhappy. 


In relation to the engineer charge, the 1st engineer went out to resolve a loss of service, the engineer replaced your faceplate and restored the service. The faceplate is classed as internal wiring and is chargeable.


The charges are decided based upon the report submitted by the engineer who visits, so if they have advised there will be no charge then the report contradicts that statement.


The 2nd engineer did find a problem with an underground cable causing the noise, this would have caused the Line management tool to alter the Line profile, What's strange is that the BT engineer has the ability to change the line profile remotely, regardless of what fault they are assigned to fix they do have the tools for this.


Only our faults teams, and us (the OCE's) have the facility to alter line profiles, Once the line is stable the Line Management software will alter the profiles automatically. An engineer should not be sent I will provide feedback on the agents you have spoken to who wanted to arrange this. 


If you wish to dispute the charge please follow our customer complaint code found at the bottom of the page. 





First Timer

The first engineer did not replace my faceplate, he simply took it off. He then said that he had changed my bit rate and reset my box. I have tried complaining previously and got absolutely nowhere and nobody will tell me the end date of my contract and termination fee.

Community Team - TT Staff


Your contract end date is 26/07/2016 currently the early termination charge is £220.11 + £75 if you keep the You View box.