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You can't access my email address?

Team Player

Today I received a letter (snailmail) dated April 30th telling me that talktalk 'cannot reach my email address'.


Furthermore, the letter goes on to state that since talktalk cannot apparently send 'bill notifications' to my email address, if I don't change it forthwith then talktalk will arbitrarily switch my account to paper billing and charge me £2 a month!


I've just tested the email address concerned (which, btw, is the one I log in with here!) and it's working perfectly. I always used to receive these bill notifications from '' with no issues, and the last one received was January this year.


This may well have coincided with Talktalk changing their password requirements so that 'repeated' words more than 3 characters in length in passwords were prohibited, but if so, that's Talktalk's problem and not mine.


Two things:

Firstly, there's nothing wrong with my email address and I have no intention of changing it simply because Talktalk is the only organisation on the planet which cannot send email to it. (Why these billing emails are so important to Talktalk when I pay by direct debit anyway is moot).


Secondly, under no circumstances have I or shall I authorise Talktalk to switch me to paper billing or to charge me for it, particularly since I pay by direct debit and need no such reminders.


Please can you ensure that I am not billed £2 a month as a result of a fault at Talktalk's end, and that no unilateral, arbitrary action is taken to switch my account to paper billing. There is nothing wrong with my email address.


Edited to add: It's funny that Marketing <> is perfectly well able to send me spam about services I have no interest in (the latest email from them being 8th May), but Billing can't 'reach' me on the same address.

Community Star

Hi @thehealer


I've drawn this topic to the attention of the TalkTalk Community support team and an OCE will respond to you right here to help you.


What I think would be very worthwhile doing is to log in to webmail and check the Blocked Senders Filter.  Just to make sure that an email from hasn't been inadvertently marked as Spam and that's the reason for the monthly billing not being seen by you.


You also mention about the password and hint about it potentially not being as strong as it might be.  The email system does check for weak passwords and can change a password or suspend an account to secure it if the email address has also been reported as being possibly compromised. Obviously the existing password is still working but I thought I ought to give you a heads-up on making the password ultra-strong to prevent issues in the future. I personally recommend at least 10 multicase letters and numbers and allowed symbols.


Here's some advice from UK Gov about strong passwords and a way of creating them.

Team Player

Thanks very much, TVPlus Customer. But the email address concerned is nothing to do with Talktalk or webmail, and nor is my account password, which is also nothing to do with the email address concerned. I mentioned it only because Talktalk have clearly changed something in their system since January, and that was the only change visible (along with apparently random talktalk customers acting as forum 'gatekeepers' and putting yet another barrier between customers and customer service)..

Community Star

Hi @thehealer


Thank you for your kind words. I do my best to facilitate your speedy access to the TalkTalk support team that's here to help Community members. That help is here from 8am to 4pm weekdays and other than that Community is what it is. Random members helping other random members.  Hey, you've also acquired a random liker! 


So your problem is not a TalkTalk email issue then which is good.  However, if TalkTalk have advised that your email service is rejecting their emails then you'll need to investigate your email service. I hope you find out why TalkTalk billing emails are beng rejected. Your email service provider should be able to tell you that.  Have you talked to them?


For example, AoL email has been known to block talktalk billing emails.


You could consider using an alternate email service and here's how to change your billing email address.


As for barriers to TalkTalk customer service there aren't any. The speediest options for TalkTalk support if that's what you're looking for are LiveChat or Messenger on the MyTalkTalk mobile app (8am to 10pm).


For calls to Customer Service agents from a mobile, call 0203 441 5550. (8am to 8pm) When calling TalkTalk the automated phone service will ask for a mobile number if you'd like to continue your call via text message. You'll get a text and you reply with your question and the support team will answer. Calls to Customer Services on 0345 172 0088 are free from your TalkTalk phone (8am to 8pm) with Technical Support 24/7 every day.


Team Player

In the first place, I posted my issue here in the "Help with your service - Billing" because I wanted assistance from a Talktalk employee capable of helping with a billing service issue. Does that sound like you, Gondola? Are you a Talktalk employee capable of addressing the issue I described? No, quite clearly you're not.


In the second place, did you actually provide any tangible help with this issue whatsoever? No, you simply wrote at great length an entirely useless screed which has nothing whatsoever to do with the issue at hand. You offered an opinion, which while it doubtless made you feel splendid, served only to irritate me more than I already was.


In the third place, you wrote:
"I've drawn this topic to the attention of the TalkTalk Community support team and an OCE will respond to you right here to help you."


The very reason I posted here in the first place was for 'an OCE to respond to me right here to help me.'
Who on earth are you to act as some kind of filter or gatekeeper between other customers and the Talktalk employees to whom complaints are addressed? Who are you to decide which issue gets passed to an OCE and which doesn't?


If Talktalk has approved of this bizarre filtering system, whereby self-appointed self-aggrandizing wannabe 'special' forum traffic wardens with nothing better to do with their days get to decide whose complaints receive attention, then they have approved another barrier to efficient customer service, and they surely have complaints enough about that as it is.


I don't want opinions from random TVPlus customers, Gondola. If I did, I would have prefixed my issue with "Can anybody help me with this?"


I came here wanting an assurance that Talktalk won't unilaterally and arbitrarily change my account settings to paper billing and charge me £2 for the privilege, when I expressly forbid them so to do, considering there's nothing wrong with my email address (and I pay by Direct Debit so have no need of such billing reminders in the first place). Can you provide that assurance? No, you can't. Because you're not an OCE.

Community Team

Hi @thehealer


Sorry that you are unhappy. 


Our advice is that you need to contact your email provider and enquire if they have placed the "" domain on a black list as our attempts to send you your billing notification are being rejected. 


Please don't take that tone with our community Star Gondola, Our Stars are here to guide and assist you, and in fact have given you the correct information. Posts that are aimed at OCE's have to be escalated into our work queue which is a privilege that Community stars have, otherwise your post will not appear in over 24 hours,  I feel your response this morning was completely out of order, This is an open community and we encourage other users to reply to any post that they see fit to.  


Kinds regards




There is obviously something wrong with your email address, otherwise your billing emails would not be bouncing back !


I had issues with TT and my AOL email address, which was never completely resolved, in the end just bit the bullet and changed to my GMAIL address which works fine.


Don't p*** off the Community Stars and OCEs, you may get banned and have to deal with the issue via LIve Chat or the call centres, which will be much more painful.

Enlightened One

@martswain wrote:

There is obviously something wrong with your email address, otherwise your billing emails would not be bouncing back !

No martswain, there is not something obviously wrong with the e.mail address in question.  If something is wrong, it would have been sorted out by now, and if something is obviously wrong, thehealer would not have asked for help from Community in the first place, and this thread would not exist!


[Further to your comment on Aol., I actually found myself in the opposite position at one time, with an Aol. address, where billing advise was received with monotonous regularity, but nothing else was!]


Team Player



Do you seriously and honestly believe I haven't already tested the email address concerned? Do you honestly believe that before posting here I didn't check with my email provider? They not only assured me that the talktalk domain was NOT blacklisted, they've even gone so far as to 'whitelist' the domain too. That email address has been (and still is) functional since 2009, the first time I joined Talktalk.


You haven't addressed the issue at hand. I posted here so that you or one of your colleagues might provide an assurance that Talktalk would NOT arbitrarily and unilaterally impose an unwanted service upon me (namely paper billing, which I clearly opted out from) and would not charge me for a service I do not want and haven't signed up for (paper billing).


This is a serious issue which might potentially affect ALL customers; the company surely cannot change a customer's account settings without their consent and then bill them for it.


These 'reminder' emails which Billing seems to think are so vitally important that they'll impose unwanted services on customers against their will are utterly pointless for someone paying by Direct Debit... the payment goes out every month, who would need a reminder of that? It's the whole point of Direct Debit after all.


You spent more time defending a 'community star' than addressing my issue, choosing simply to repeat (albeit rather more concisely than he did) his 'suggestions'. In my original post I made it clear (or so I thought) that the email address was and still is perfectly functional except, apparently, for the billing department. Marketing emails have no trouble arriving in my inbox.


Ordinarily I'm content not to visit here; my broadband service is generally so reliable that I renewed my contract recently and enjoy simply using it. And then Talktalk disturbs my calm by threatening to impose additional unwarranted charges upon me for a service I do not want and have not subscribed to.


It's a simple question, OCE_Arne,


Can you provide me with an assurance that Talktalk will NOT arbitrarily change my account settings and charge me for a service I do not want and have not subscribed to?


(It's a question for you and for Talktalk, OCE_Arne, not for other customers whose only qualification is making a certain number of posts in 'the community', they are not in a position to speak on behalf of the company).

Community Star

Why not just change your billing email address?


Best of luck getting a resolution, I never did get either an explaination or resolution as to why some emails from TT are still in cyberspace.

Team Player



Why the hell should I? The email address works perfectly and has done since 2009.


I can't grasp why some people here seem to have difficulty understanding the simplest of issues.


1, I pay by direct debit, I'm not in arrears, payments are made monthly as regularly as clockwork. I neither need nor want 'reminders' that a direct debit is going to go out as it always does. If ever I did want to know what my fixed payment is going to be, I can log into My Account and check. I certaintly do not need (nor do I want) paper reminders, which is why I opted out from them. Talktalk seems to think it mission-critical that I receive 'reminders' which even my bank doesn't deem necessary to provide.


2. Notwithstanding the above: The email address in question works perfectly well, has been thoroughly tested, and no-one else has a problem with it except, so they say (and without providing any evidence), talktalk billing. Certainly Talktalk has no problem sending me marketing emails (which I don't want either).


3. Talktalk have stated (in writing) and without providing any evidence whatsoever, that they will charge me £2 for a service I don't want, don't need, opted out of, and which I have expressly and publicly stated I will not accept.


You're a 'star' Ferguson, you tell me: is there anything in the contract I signed with Talktalk that grants them a legal right to arbitrarily and unilaterally override my account settings and charge me for a service I don't want, don't need, have never had, and haven't subscribed to?


What next? I don't use my landline phone, and there is in fact no phone connected to the line. I have to have the line in order to get ADSl service. So, can I now expect Talktalk billing to sign me up for a bunch of boosts I don't want simply because 'they can't reach me' and get shunted to voicemail if they call?


By the way, do threads still get dumped to the back of the OCEs' queue when someone bumps them up? If so, why then thank you very much.


Community Star

I do grasp your issue, just suggesting a simple way to resolve it.


I bumped your thread by just over an hour. You have just bumped it by over two days. 

Conversation Starter

I've been experiencing exactly the same problem which other people seem unable to get their head around. I can sympatise with you.

Today I received a letter from TalkTalk telling me that because the email notifications aren't getting to my inbox they have switched me to papaer billing.

Of course, like me, there is nothing wrong with your email address.  The fault is with TalkTalk but no-one can identify the proble.

In a chat session today I was told that TalkTalk no longer supports the .net email and you have to update it as it no longer works.

I suggest you have a look at the following link which includes my post of today.


I wish you all the best.  I wonder how many other are being forced to pay for paper billing!!

Conversation Starter

Because there is nothing wrong with his email address.

Have a read of the following link you might appreciate the problem some people are having.


Community Team

Hi @thehealer 


Your latest bill notification has been successfully delivered, our network team confirmed they didn't get any bounce back they have advised that the April bill shows on our side as:


Classification Name                 Description                                                                   Category

 52                Spam Content      The message was blocked by the receiver as spam. Block




If you can start your own topic, I can look into this for you.