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You view box help

This morning when I switched the TV and you view box on the lights were scrolling on the you view box and making a funny whirring sound and the TV was showing no signal. Rebooted the router and you view box and exactly the same. Spoke to Talk Talk who said I would need an engineer and to remove the ariel cable from the You view box and put it into the TV. I did this but I cannot get anything from the TV it still shows no signal (it has built in freeview) and when I check the TV settings it tells me I have no signal quality or strength.
So I brought my TV in from another room and connected it to that ariel and it is working fine so I know there is not an issue with the ariel.
I moved the original TV into the other room where the working one came from and I am still not getting any signal to the TV despite using a different ariel. My thought were then that the TV is at fault so I connected the you view box up to the replacement TV and it is exactly the same, making a funny noise and the lights are just scrolling around. Whilst it is doing this the you view box will not respond to the on/off button on the remote.
When the engineer installed the you view box he sorted it so that the TV was managed using the you view remote so I don't know if this is why the TV is not working now?
Talk Talk have said that if the box is not at fault when then engineer comes on Wednesday then the visit is chargeable. However at the moment I have a you view box and TV now not working and if I leave the none working TV in situ they may just claim it is the TV but I don't know if the TV is not working as it was set to run through the you view box. Does anyone know how they enable the TV to be run by the you view box so I can disable this and get the TV up and running before the engineer comes?
Anyone able to help please?
Super Duper Contributor
Don't know if this helps but you will have to change the input on your TV.
In my case I receive the you view box signal with the TV set to HDMI 1.
If I wanted to receive the signal straight from the Ariel I would set the TV input to Antenna.
On your TV remote you should have the option of changing the signal input. ie. HDMI 1 HDMI 2 AV1 AV2 Antenna ETC.
On your youview remote it is the AV button (middle top.)
Hi Staffylover70,

As curlywatts has advised you would need to ensure you change your input source on your TV in order to use your TV tuner.

Do you have a BrightSpark engineer booked to investigate your problems with the YouView Box?