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anyone having broadband drop out in south Hampshire? netwrok issue at layer 2 or above

bob sparks
Team Player
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is anyone esle in the south hampshire area having intermittment broadband - dropping out reguilarly every 10-15 mins then reconnecting?


broadband dropping out intermittmently

router when connected gets 13Mb/s - done dozens of times today. There clearly rerouting going on as sometimes I only get 6Mb/s and on second reconnection I get back to 12Mb/s

phone works ok ion and out ring ring ring

changed cat 5 cable to PC, changed PC, changed router, changed filter, connected line directly to the internal plug in master say they have to ask me to ring them ( really? surely Ive logged a fault and they should then ring me as the customer? they know the phone works I called them on it) and monitor the line for 24hrs..before it gets escalated ...what do I do? ring them and say... "its up no its down no its up no its down"

theyve done the line test - no probs. I knew that - I can make calls ergo the pots and pans works BUT the IP layer doesnt and the IP connection is being dropped and no manner of calling them to say its up/down/up/down will help - I CANT  monitor  the IP connection - they or BT can.

so its in the modem or dslam at the exchange or BT network -  passing it to the network team for a ping and diagnostic on the network side would take a couple of minutes or to look in the OSS system and see the red lights flashing in the south Hampshire region.

I read on the community that theres some major outage in Ruislip - and that I can believe will casuse network disturbances as things get repaired and rerouted etc now that things are so logically connected - even as far out as here.


 ...someone help me get above the guys at the support centre who are obsessed with the phone line and plugging things into the master socket and wont listen to any of this or the diagnistics I've done.


...Im counting the minutes to the end of the SLA then Ill escalate it


Im really happy with Talktalk - and its been reliable at 12-14Mb/s consistent most of the time but it just the inpermiability of the support layer thats driving me nuts and lets their customer service level down when you need them





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Hi Karl Ive logged a fault but am beingtold that the earliest an engineer can look at it is June 12th - totally unacceptable to have 2 weeks of intermittent broadband and I had t o agree to a charge it its not the network to get that. Support were quite good but have come ot the end of thier remit and it now needs to go to CEO's Office to get some real action Its clearly a network or exchange issue..LCP agrees the encapsulation format options, handle varying limits on sizes of packets, detect a looped-back link and other common misconfiguration errors, and terminate the link and can be associated with lack of suitabe IP adresses for DCHP ( which Im using) or ADSL2+ confihguration chnages. Lots of similar comment on web sites where 21C network has been rolled and IP level changes have been made. All has been ok for 3 years until day before yesterday - suspicious! router stats are full of...even at night Sun, 2014-05-25 10:03:50 - Loss of synchronization :81 Sun, 2014-05-25 10:03:51 - Initialize LCP. Sun, 2014-05-25 10:03:51 - LCP is allowed to come up. Sun, 2014-05-25 10:03:56 - CHAP authentication success Sun, 2014-05-25 11:39:16 - LCP down. Sun, 2014-05-25 11:39:35 - Initialize LCP. Sun, 2014-05-25 11:39:35 - LCP is allowed to come up. Sun, 2014-05-25 11:39:36 - CHAP authentication success Sun, 2014-05-25 11:39:52 - Loss of synchronization :82 I have Didos email so if nothing transpires by mid week Ill email her - she was brilliant last time I had no line at all just gone down again twice as I was typing - clearly affected by traffic requests


Support Team
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Hi ,


Sorry your having problems with your service.


Can you please visit our  Service Centre


This will check your line for any faults, you can also get step by step diagnostic help and advice by following the “Report & Repair” links. 


Alternatively, you can contact my colleagues via Live Chat