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broadband speed test ??

First Timer
hi all, i was advised to do the speed test on here, and it says to put your phone number in but i cant seem to find anywhere to put it in ?????? any help ????? thanks in advance
Hiya, there should be a box beneath the speed test results that you can put your telephone number in. Remember that you need to be logged into the members forum for this to show against your profile.

Click on below screenshot, and you'll see I've put a red arrow where the box should be... Smiley Wink

Speed test.jpg
Also note this below the speedtester when the page opens

Note: In some cases the speed test will not prompt for the number. If you find this is happening to you then please use the the non-framed speed tester.Please note that CPWN store the results and may use them to help continually improve the TalkTalk broadband service.
First Timer
ok, tried both answers above and still no box for phone number, this is annoying when it takes 2mins to load a page. i was told to do the speedtest 3 times a day for 2 days before i ring back. thanks for the quick replies guys
Hello sniper74,
it may be better to start a new topic in the appropriate support forum which best describes the broadband problems you are currently having. In this way you can get support from the forum staff (OCE), rather than having to go through telephone support all the time.
Although this forum cannot offer real time support you will be provided with a service dedicated to your particular issues.
My kind regards