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can't log in to my account - can't reset password

Whizz Kid
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TalkTalk customer services recently (apparently on 30th September) decided to change my login username to my account from one of my email addresses to the other one, without letting me know until I phoned them later. This meant when I tried to log into my account it wouldn't let me, so I thought my account had been hacked and choose 'reset password'. I got a password reset code sent to my phone, and have also tried having it sent to my email address.


But every time I create a new password, and click on 'change', the error comes up: 'something went wrong'. This is even though the system has accepted the password as it has lower case, upper case, a number and a required character. Every time I go through this process and click on change, I get the error 'something went wrong' and now I can't log in to my account at all either with my Tiscali email address as the username or with my other Homechoice email address. Because I have tried so many times, I have now run out of reset codes and the system won't send them to me any more.


I have raised this under Incident Number 181015-000974  but the only reply they have given me (on 15th October)  is to 'clear my cookies and browser cache'. I've already done that and tried the process on several different computers with different browsers, and every time I click on 'change' I get the error message 'something went wrong'.


If I PM my details and then authenticate myself, could one of the OCEs perhaps just change the password for me and let me know what it is? I just want to be able to get into my account to view my bills and other things, but whenever I call customer services they just say 'bear with me' then stay silent or put me on hold. I can't be spending all my time trying to do this, especially as it was not a change I ever requested in the first place.


This is actually about the account that I have secondary account authorisation for, as I am a TalkTalk customer but also manage an elderly relative's TalkTalk account, because he is not very computer-literate. Both my landline number and his are already on my profile details page. Sorry for the repeat post - I didn't see that my first post had been re-instated.