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cant register account online

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I have tried to register online, have received the confirmation email and entered post code and dob, it says dob is wrong so clicked the alternative method it says my seven digit account number is incorrect with a rather random message 'The minimum length of billing account should be {1} characters ' been going round in circles, forgotten why i tried to register now. cant see how I can get past this. any clues?
Most seven digit account numbers have been migrated on to trio, which gives a new 10 digit account number. This should be on your bill.

I suggest you move this thread to customer service and billing where it would be picked up easier by the staff

(Thick Blue Bar Topic tools > Move Topic)
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cheers, I was looking at the welcome pack for the account number I will check my latest bill and see if I can find a 10 figure number, i presume they dont have my dob which is why they think its wrong.
Hi drjjalsa,

We are aware of a few isolated customers that do not have DOB recorded on the system. Alterantivel measures are in place for such occurances.

Im glad to see you ahve resolved this with the use of the alternative detaisl and your new account nubmer.

If you ahve any other queries feel free to ask.


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