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dlink router settings help please!

trying to post from a phone, I have had to unplug my fibre router, due to a cat poo oppsy. I have all green lights apparent from internet on the router, after an hour on the phone with support, I'm convinced the router has forgotten it's settings. Does anyone know what they should be?
In advanced setup under the internet tab I have:
Fibre checked (this was set to auto before talking to support)
service num 1
Enable VC ticked
Clan ID empty?

Should read Clan ID: empty box
WAN settings: dynamic IP
MTU: 1500
Usage: default route
NAT enable: tick
Enable PPPoE passthro: no tick
Option 60: DSL-3780 FFTxv1.05
Still got red internet light, anyone know which settings are wrong?

Please help the kids are going.mad
Community Star
Community Team

Hi andy630am,

If your router’s behaviour has become erratic, or you are having difficulty accessing settings within the router, then please try to reset the router to ‘Factory Default’.

Before proceeding, please ensure you make a note of your internet connection details, however these are not required if you have a Fibre Optic connection.

If unsure of your internet username and password, your username will normally be in the format of (or for legacy customers), and the password can normally be found on your original welcome letter.

If unsure of your internet connection password, you can log into ‘My Account’ ( then under ‘Profile & Settings’ then ‘Personal Details’, there is an option to edit your broadband password to ensure it is set to something memorable. Alternatively, you can call our password line from your home phone on : 0870 087 5562. This will read the connection details back to you.

To reset to Factory Settings, please locate the reset hole normally at the back of the router, in most cases, near the power supply jack.

Find a small pin or paperclip, and hold this in for a full 10 seconds.

The router will then reset back to factory settings.

If you currently have a Fibre Optic connection, then the router will auto detect the connection type.

If you have a standard ADSL connection, then you will need to input the internet connection settings back into the router.

Open a browser and enter the address to log into the router.

Next, login with the username : admin  and the password : admin

Select the ‘Connection’ option on the left, and you will then be able to enter the broadband username and password.

Next, click ‘Connect’ to save the details and initiate a connection.

If you have the HG635 model router, the broadband connection details can be found under ‘Internet’, then ‘Internet Connection’, then select ‘Edit’ under Internet_DSL.

Near the bottom of the page, you will see the options for Internet Account and Internet Password. Please remember to click ‘Save’ after you enter the details.

Once done, the router will re-establish a connection. Please retest for 24 hrs to ensure the line is stable and any issues have resolved.




Thank you for the responses, However having had the engineer visit, there was nothing that could be done. The problem was an authentication issue with the Openreach box and BT's fibre network.


I'm sure someone in future will have the same problem so I'll leave some information for others.


My problem was all 3 lights on the Openreach modem were lit constant green, yet the routers Internet light was red, and the Internet was down.


Resetting the router as advised by the talk talk helpline I think only made matters worse! On resetting, the router talks to the Openreach modem to see if it has a fibre connection (which I indeed do have) then sets itself accordingly. However in my case as the fibre line was down, the router reverted to ADSL settings, which didn't help matters.


The engineer showed me how this should work properly, buy powering both off, then powering on the openreach modem and waiting for a constant green DSL light, then powering on the router. If the fibre line is active then the router does set itself up correctly for fibre (not the case if your fibre line is down!!).


Something that was suggested on these pages was that as I had an always on fibre connection I could plug 1 computer directly in to the Openreach modem and get a connection - which I tried in vain to do (knowing now why I failed).


However now its all fixed again I can plug a computer into the Openreach modem in the LAN1 socket and get a connection, I'm using windows 7 - upon plugging in it sees a new network, I just added to home networks and Internet is on, no messing.


I must also comment I found the engineer who called, very pleasant, he checked everything step by step, and answered my constant questions whilst doing so. He explained about Talk talk / BT / Telephone exchanges, what had happened etc.


If only phone support was as useful :)