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how to get out of contract due to awful broadband speed and worse still operators and managment

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Been with talk talk 8 years plus and no problem  until we moved house, it took a whole two months to get actually get connected up and running never ever come so close to blowing my lid off, from being cut off, from being promised to be called back and so on, anyhow the actual outstanding refund of £15 is still waiting to be refunded, to cut a long story short our broadband speed started off okayish but now its awful keeps cutting off and phone not always is able to ring out, I really really cannot bare the thought of trying to explain all this on the phone to them as is will probably take  a whole day of been cut off and empty promises only been in the new contract two months but if I am not getting the promised service I pay for surely i am able to get out of this contract the thought of giving this appalling company any more money makes my blood boil??? any ideas of what action I should take, also can see I am not the only one that feels the same ??



Support Team
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Hi sharon20


Thanks for your post, sorry that you are having problems.


If you would like us to look into this, please can you update your community profile to include your home telephone number, we will then be able to have a look at your account and help. 

To do this go into 'my settings' then 'personal information' then add your details.