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youview box and powerline adapters

First Timer

I am having a you view box delivered in the next hour, but cant set it up as have no powerline adapters, do I really need the powerline adapters to set it up cause would not for a few days anyway be using on demand we would just be watching the channels to start with also want to complain that the adapters were not ordered at the same time as the box now got to wait anything from 3 to 5 days for the adapters to come it isnt on im seriously considering going to bt as apart from there prices never had any problem with there phone or broadband 

Problem Solver

I assume you ordered the powerline adapters because your router is a long way from your TV? ours is too, but we just use a longer HDMI cable which cost us £10 off ebay for 10 meters! works perfectly.


You will be able to use the Youview box without the adapters, they are just needed to provide the internet connectivity for the on demand players. It won't stop the freeview channels from working.

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For what it's worth, i just got my Youview box last week & connected it to the router using powerline adaptors. They work perfectly well & no messing with cables as, in my case, the router is upstairs.


These are what i bought.

TalkTalk Team

Hi JN2,


thanks for the recomendation, I'm sure people will find it useful.