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Five ways to secure your new Android

Beat the Scammers
Community Team

Before you get started signing into your accounts and filling up your phone's photo gallery with selfies, it's a wise idea to think about the security of your new Android.

After all, with all the things that our smartphones do for us these days, it only seems fair that we give them the gift of security in return.

Here are a few simple ways that you can protect your Android phone and the data stored in it.

1. Use two-factor authentication
While you're setting up your Android, you can also take care of setting up two-factor authentication. Google makes it easy to set up this security measure using your Google account. If this is your first time using two-factor authentication, you can
read up on how it works, why you need it and how it protects you.

2. Only use reputable apps from the Google Play Store
Unreliable, third-party app stores should not be underestimated, as a significant amount of mobile malware can still be found within malicious apps. This is not to say that 100% of the content in the Google Play Store is safe (another reason why installing security software like TalkTalk's SuperSafe Boost on your Android is a must – more on that later), but it's your best bet for steering clear of an abundance of malware-ridden applications.

3. Backup your data
Backing up your data is simple and can be done by heading to your Android's Settings > System. There, you'll see options for backing up your data (make sure that this is switched on, if it's not already). When it comes to backing up sensitive and/or important information on your device, it's better to be safe than sorry.

4. Install an internet security suite
If you think antivirus software is only for your laptop, think again. Most of us keep the majority of our lives stored on our smartphones, and they certainly deserve the same level of security as the rest of our devices. Making use of a trusted internet security suite like SuperSafe Boost means that your Android stays protected from mobile malware at all times. You can also handle your online shopping, banking and all other surfing without worries.

5. Use a virtual private network
A good VPN is your Android's best friend. When you use a VPN, your actual IP address is hidden from the services you visit. A VPN also blocks malicious sites and unwanted third-party tracking – this stops advertisers from making money at the expense of your privacy.

TalkTalk customers can use SuperSafe Boost powered by F-Secure to protect all of their family's devices. Eight-device protection is £2 per month (and it's worth £99 a year). Log in to My Account, select the package you want and you will receive an email from F-Secure to install it on your device for full protection.

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