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BBC tell me someone's been using NordVPN on my wifi - but I don't have a VPN.

Team Player
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Late last week I had an alert from Google saying that some of my passwords had been compromised (they didn't state which company, just that it wasn't them).


Maybe coincidentally, also late last week, all my BBC content became restricted as the services (iPlayer, website (.com instead of and Sounds) didn't recognise me as being in the UK.


Doing some simple what's my ip address checks showed it was in the UK and in the region it should be.


So I got in touch with the BBC who today have replied as follows: "Our team have inspected your IP address and although we can see that you're based in the UK, it looks like you're using NordVPN. You'll need to disable this before using iPlayer. A VPN masks your IP address, meaning that iPlayer can't tell where you are [..] If you aren't using a VPN, then you should contact your internet service provider. It is possible that someone else is using the same IP address and NordVPN."


I'm not using NordVPN and never have! Oddly, without making any changes, I can now access the services again this afternoon.


Should I be concerned about this and other than changing passwords and resetting (which I did try last week by the way), do I need to take any other precautions?




Support Team
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Hi AmyLocks, it sounds like someone was spoofing your IP address. If you're certain that your router is secure and WIFI password is safe, then I'd turn the router off overnight so that the router releases the current IP address and that should keep you clear of trouble.



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