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HELP!! Setting individual device time allowances

First Timer
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Please could someone help? 


We have just got the talktalk  fibre broadband package and we are a family with teenagers at different ages.


I'm trying to find out how to set individual daily time limits for each of their devices! 


One teenager needs the wifi to turn on at 7am and turn off at 10am everynight 


Another teenager needs the wifi to turn on at 7am and turn off at 11pm 


At the same time the parents need to have the wifi active to use when the teenagers have downtime 


I'm not wishing to turn off all internet connectivity during these times as we have a wifi doorbell system and other systems running 



Please help !!!!




Support Team
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Hi Dean88, I'm afraid HomeSafe doesn't have the ability to manage access fro groups in that way. You'd need to use a router with the appropriate options and block the devices by mac address or you could seek out an alternate parental control program if they're available that allow those options.



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