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Have the routers been updated so parents can actually control their child's activity?

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Yeah this is a disgrace honestly, in 2020 we have a flashy new router but i cannot even manage my children's access. You give us the very small limit of what, after school until after bed but then I'm limited to my 4g? This needs changing asap within the service as its embarrassing. I cannot limit their access in the morning so if my child decides to set an alarm for 5 am like my kid's friend who suggested this to my child, I cannot block the internet in the morning and at night through your service. Dont ask me to look at your safe home hub or whatever - its obsolete and this service is not safeguarding our children appropriately. Your advertising does not line up with the actual service; my children are not protected and I am seriously disappointed.


This has become EXTREMELY problematic during COVID lock down. I picked this service as it was lower by £5 from the next service. I now get to spend £30 on a router? blowing away any savings and respect at this point in time, I know how to configure a router so please let me.


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This post probably won't help you @aritt-sut a lot, but it's just FYI. By the way, I'm in the same situation!


I've noticed an app on the Google Play Store called TalkTalk Smart Home Protection. The screenshots of the app show that you can control each devices connected to the TalkTalk WiFi Hub and the times it can connect to the Internet using the app to control it. 


Unfortunately, it's not available to customers yet and when I've asked support, they say they don't have a release date.


Hopefully, it'll be released soon for all customers. 




Let us know how you get on with your new router in the meantime. All the best 😁


P.S. It's only available on the App Store for product development purposes. 

Anisa Khalifa

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Hi @aritt-sut make sure you get the modem router then. They can all be a bit fiddly, or plain sailing, luck of the draw, plenty of people here happy to help.

Now a favour for others, if you could mark one of the answers here best answer you will save others fretting.

Good luck with the kids! 🤗

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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I think I will have to settled for the TP-Link AC1900 or the AC1600. I had read a previous post where an individual tried to bridge a router but ran into some sort of firmware issue and you had informed them of the option of turning off wifi and using Ethernet cable but I decided modem would be better and less hassle for me at this point.


Thanks for making me wake up a bit and use some energy, i suppose a kick up the bum and a challenge can get anyone to solve a problem ;D

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@aritt-sut will you go modem or router? or modem/router.

Ive always found asus to be reliable.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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It was very flippant and it didnt strike a nerve just utter amazement that you could offer an unhelpful comment when you could have said 'just buy a 3rd party modem or router and bridge it' which would have been helpful. As if all parents are not capable of caring for their children of course I can take the router to bed with me but alas I am human and have many items to juggle daily so a streamline lifestyle is desirable; firmware is my only issue which has stopped me from achieving this.


You could always visit for the next 5 weeks and conduct research on how your mentally fair in a room with 3 fortnite addicts who have no emotional control or understanding, ability to share, manage their physical needs for 5 weeks, attempt to home-school them and see who breaks first, its not the children. I dont think the research would be approved by an ethics board as your mental health would be at risk.

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@Garton2019 a good suggestion. @aritt-sut sorry my flippant note struck a nerve, but you really are the parent here do children no longer do what their parents request?

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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I have looked at it and I don't want to pay for this service. I have concluded after talking to talktalk support, scouring the internet and these forums that the only way forward is to invest in my own modem. I understand that the equipment they send out they want to protect which is fair enough. I'm not paying a fee to have this equipment in my house so they have the option of asking me to pay a fee to then gain access to configurations. Instead of paying for the service I'll take the money I would have used (about £50) to buy a 3rd party modem and never have to deal with this issue again.



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Have you had a look at TalkTalk's anti-virus product, used to be called SSB (Super Safe Boost), but now called Online Defense ?


There is a parental, family control section which allows far more control regarding internet access times. You install a copy on each of your children's devices (password protected) so it can be set individually depending on your children's ages. As it is installed on the device it also protects when they are on 4G etc. i.e. when they are away from home and not using the router.


Maybe worth investigating.


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I'm not trying to be different, I just want to safeguard my children to an adequate level. Take the router to bed with me... or just have a router with adequate access like other providers which allow access to configuration. What a silly and unhelpful comment but thank you for taking your time to respond to mine? How is taking your router to bed with you working - do you recommend i keep it on my hip whilst I cook tea as well? What is the best routine for holding the router all day? 


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However much you would like it to be different you appear to be the parent here. They are your children you control them. Take the router to bed with you.

Mercifully I'm not a Talktalk employee, just a customer like you.


I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.