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Privacy Warning and Weak Security with talk talk Extender Kit

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I have been advised by talk talk to buy an talk talk extender kit to help with wi-fi connection around the home, it does improve connection but ever since setting it up all my devices display a Privacy Warning and/or Weak Security. I have tried changing the settings to WPA2/WPA Personal but all the devices still show the warning messages. Not sure what else to do apart from disconnect the extender which then leaves me with the connection issues I started with. 


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You need to set it to WPA2 only, leaving WPA enabled is the cause of these messages, which are a bit misleading anyway.


The security mode used is negotiated upon the connection of the device to the WiFi. It will always use the best security mode that both the device and the extender (or router) support - WPA2, unless you have any old devices that only support WPA. So WPA should never be used, hence the message is misleading.

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