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Remote support - disconnecting every 30 seconds

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I work for a reputable and well known IT support company in the UK. We have alot of residential customers and many are on TalkTalk. We now know that Scam protection requires disabling for us to remotely connect to them. We use both Teamviewer, and LogMeIn Rescue.


Over the past couple of months, when connected to some of these customers, we are facing issues with the support connection disconnecting literally every 20-30 seconds. It reconnects again within a few seconds. This has happened to me with three seperate customers in a couple of days, all on talktalk, all with Scam Protection disabled.


Their internet connection is absolutely fine, most are on fibre optic, and when it disconnects, their internet is still working as I have tested this on the phone with them. Our internet is not the probelm as it is a rock solid leased line.

It's becomming increasing frustrating to deal with support issues with these customers.


This issue was not there with the same customers before scam protection was even introduced. I have tried a factory reset of one of the customers routers to iliminate that but the issue persists.


Its getting to the point where I no longer recommend talktalk to my customers and point them towards BT.


Any other people experiencing this issue?


Thank you


Support Team
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Hi YourIT, have you tried using Google DNS on their router to negate the scam protection? You can always change it back once you've completed supporting them. 

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